Giving your teen a much-needed bedroom upgrade doesn’t need to be costly. And if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to do so, there are lots of great ideas out there. With just a few tweaks, you can breathe life in your teen’s room without putting a dent on your wallet.

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Work Together With Your Teen

First and foremost, you should involve your teenager when putting together this project. Doing so helps you give an idea of what styles and color themes they want for their room.

Involving your teen and recruiting them as a helping hand will make things much easier. This can turn into some quality time!

Paint and Add Accents

Painting the room is an easy way to completely change the space. However, you can also add bright accents, such as pillows, blankets, or an area rug. You can usually find new bedding or a duvet for fairly cheap, and it changes the look of the room. Shop at discount stores for things like pillows. Pillows can be expensive, so try stores like Walmart or Five Below. There is no need for buying expensive decorations that your teen will want to change out in a few years!

Make sure that the colors compliment one another, from the walls to the bed in your teen’s room. The use of colors adds a more personal touch to make their room vibrant and inviting.

Tip: do not overdo the colors too much. Dark colors can make the room look small, and too many colors can make the room appear a bit cluttered – plus these may be be harder to paint over in the future if you go with a brighter color.

Spruce Up Old Furniture With Paint

Why buy new dressers and tables when you can update them with a fresh coat of paint? You can also let your creativity do the talking by using the furniture as a canvas for your art. Don’t just stick to boring solid colors. If you have the skill, try painting a galaxy or other design on the furniture.

Tip: To paint furniture, do it outdoors. Start by sanding the surface and then using a spray paint. We redid an old desk in a matte gray spray paint, and the final product was great!


Declutter! And Go Minimalist

A room upgrade is a great time to do a deep cleaning and go minimalist in your decor. This is the perfect opportunity to clean out a lot of things that aren’t being used, which will make the overall look appear cleaner and more streamlined. You can also make a bargain as part of the room redo that your child will clean out and pass along items that are no longer needed.

Add in Lighting for Ambiance

Decorative lights definitely make your teen’s room more atmospheric. There are plenty of led light products available in the market today, from led borders to fairy lights. There are also floor lamps, hanging lights, suspended lights, and more. You can also combine lights with wall tapestries or vines.

Better yet, match the color of the lights with the color of the room. Doing so complements the atmosphere and vibes of the room which creates immersion. Most led lights today are Bluetooth connected where you can change the color to your own liking using an app, and can either be bluetooth led strips, or bluetooth light bulbs.

These color-changeable led lights give you the best of both worlds of affordability and customization. Because not only do they come at a reasonable price, you can also customize their color whatever mood you are in at the moment.

You can find vines with fairy lights on Amazon.

Add in Technology if Budget Allows

A teenage room is never complete without a slice of tech. Admittedly, this does add to the cost of things, but there are ways to keep costs down.

For example, if your teen is into gaming, you can purchase a screen for them to enjoy their games more. Want to save cash? Buy from a legitimate China LED display supplier as most of their products come in cheap and can give you good service. You could also look for used electronics on your local for sale forums, or make the upgrade part of a special occasion, such as a birthday or graduation from elementary or middle school.


Transforming your teen kid’s dream room is as easy as repurposing old items and only buying new ones when needed. This is a prime example that you don’t need to splurge on anything just to give a room its much-needed makeover.