Sewing machines are versatile tools that have revolutionized the art of garment-making and crafting. From intricate embroidery to basic repairs, these machines offer precision and efficiency, making sewing projects faster and more accessible to both beginners and experienced seamstresses alike. With a variety of stitches and features, modern sewing machines can handle a wide range of tasks, from simple hemming to complex quilting. They come in different sizes and styles to suit various needs, whether for home use, professional sewing, or industrial production. With the right machine and a bit of creativity, the possibilities for creating unique, personalized items are endless.

As compared to domestic, industrial sewing machines are fast, larger and more varied in their cost, size and appearance. 

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Various Categories of Sewing Machines

A sewing machine is divided into various categories. Have a glance at to decide the perfect one for you as per your requirements.

Domestic Sewing Machines

These modern machines are designed for an individual to sew his/her dresses while using a single stitch type. The fabric in the product glides in and out of the product. It saves time and energy as the sewing process is easily and quickly completed through the product. 

Here are some key factors of the sewing machine that are to be noted:

  1. They are used at home by an individual who is interested in the work of sewing.
  2. The product is used in the projects like- dressmaking and for stitching home furnishing items.
  3. They usually work on lightweight fabrics.
  4. They run on small motors as compared to other machines.

Industrial Machines for Sewing Purposes

  1. Such machines are used in industries like garments and a lot more. The product is a heavy-duty version of standard sewing machines.
  2. They are used for mass production. Moreover, designed to sew heavy materials like- leather, canvas and vinyl together.
  3. These heavy-duty machines work with a speed of thousands of stitches per minute.
  4. The majority of machines are designed to operate heavier material rather than normal weighted material.
  5. Their names are based on the functions that they serve. For example- pocket setter, buttonhole, programmable pattern sewers, etc.
  6. The machines are capable to store 10-30 patterns in the memory.

Here is the brief description between both the categories

  • The speed of an industrial machine is 3-6000 stitches per minute. Contrary to it, the maximum limit of the fastest domestic sewing machine is 1500 stitches per minute.
  • The lubrication is done manually in domestic sewing machines. Rather than automatically in industrial sewing machines.

7 budget-friendly sewing machines and their pros/cons

There are plenty of cheap sewing machines available to purchase nowadays. However, all the products differ in their unique features and qualities. In addition, each product is easy to use and capable to fulfill your sewing expectations.

#1. Brother Sewing Machines

The machine due to its unique qualities is best for both a beginner and an experienced individual. Besides a reputable brand name of ‘Brother’, it offers various unique and valuable merits such as:

  • Needle Threader
  • Free arm for sleeves
  • Large table 
  • Adjustable speed
  • Brilliant value 
  • Warranty

#2. Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

The product is known for being heavy-duty because of its unique features. 

The powerful motor of the product can push out 1100 stitches per minute. The adjustable foot of the product enables you to switch between heavier and light fabrics to ensure its worth. Its offers various advantages like-

  • 11 built-in-stitches
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • 4 pressure feet

#3. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

To keep your accessories, the product includes 4 step buttonholes and a tray. 

Janome makes a reliable and cheap machine for their customer. However, it never compromises with the quality of its product at any cost.

#4. Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

The product includes 5 auto-size bobbin holes and a cover to protect the machine when it is not in use. Its 7 pressure feet offer a lot of options for sewing. 

The LED Light of the machine helps you to sew even in low light conditions. The sewing machine has the following features-

  • Stitch chart that is easy to use
  • LED lights
  • Needle Threader

#5. Singer 1507WCFree-Arm Sewing Machine

It offers an opportunity to spend more time on sewing, and less on trying to thread. You can choose from 8 built-in-stitches, so the product is used for home decorating, crafts, fashion sewing and a lot more. 

This sewing machine of 13 pounds is heavier, powerful and reliable for the user. 

#6. KPCB Mini Sewing Machine with Eco-Friendly Material

The product has a foot pedal that allows you to sew at different speeds. Due to the extraordinary advantages offered by the machine, they are abig hitter in the industry. Pros of the sewing machine include-

  • Affordable
  • Includes a foot pedal
  • Extension table
  • 3 Pounds

#7. Janome Fastlane Fuschia

The product comes in plenty of fun colors like- vibrant pink. For the protection of small fingers, the product is made available with finger guards. The product is the perfect alternative if you want your kid to learn some new skills. 

It weighs just 5 pounds. So, you can carry it with ease.

  • 10 Built-In-Stitches
  • Various Colors
  • Weighs 5 Pounds
  • Finger Guard

Different Uses

When you are aware of your expectations, you can easily find an appropriate product for you.

Consider the common uses of a sewing machine at sewingmachinebuffs.while planning to purchase it.

  • Fashion Sewing- Designing clothes is a common use of modern sewing machines. Consider a product that has a free arm for sewing the sleeves. 
  • Quick Repairs- They are perfect to sew the clothes of your adventurous children who always come home with a big hole in their dress.
  • Upholstery- Prefer a machine that is capable to handle thicker threads after you finishes your work.


One sewing machine can’t meet the requirements of every individual. So, before making your purchasing decision evaluate the features of various sewing machines for a profitable deal.

Before purchasing a sewing machine try to know what it is capable of from a buyer’s guide.