If asked commonly, anyone would reply saying that a gift hamper is a large woven basket filled with a goodies’ assortment. Although it is kind of right, it differs slightly from how gift hampers are described. 

According to the standard definition of gift hampers, it is a collection of foods, drinks, and other items, usually presented as a gift and may also include a basket. Based on this definition, hampers can be of various types and can consist of different stuff based on the preferences of the person receiving it. 

Hampers can also be DIYed or can be bought ready-made. For more information on ready-made gift hampers, make sure to check out sweet hamper company

With that being said, it is pretty much apparent that, like every other item around us, hampers also have a history and have evolved. Let’s have a look at the history of gift hampers over the decades. 

A Brief History of Hampers 

If we look into a few centuries earlier from now, traditional hampers used to consist of edibles and drinkables in a wicker basket. This wicker basket would casually be carried on a day out, to a show or on a warm summer’s day picnic. 

The earliest record of using gift hampers dates back the eleventh century, and it became a tradition to give gift hampers in the later Victorian period. The word “hamper” is of French origin, and the French word “hannapier” means ‘a case for goblets’. 

Back in the days, affluent families would put together gift hampers that would comprise food and drinks and present it to their staff as Christmas presents. With the enhancement in the railway systems, sending gift hampers over long distances also became a trend and added to the popularity of Christmas gift hampers. 

The contents of gift hampers diversified with the increase in the imports ease worldwide, and people started using gift hampers for other occasions like birthdays and for thanking someone as well. As mentioned earlier, the contents of the hamper can vary with no set of rules dictating them. 

Standard Contents of a Hamper

Let’s have a look at the typical hamper contents; 

  • Customized Hampers 

Numerous online websites offer the amenity of customizing your gift hampers. The ‘Create Your Own’ tool’s success shows a lot about the current state of the hamper industry. People dislike limitations on what they can put in their hampers, and everybody has their idea of what a hamper should be, which is why ‘Create Your Own’ is so common. 

  • Christmas Hampers 

Since Christmas is usually considered a festive family treat, it is a busy occasion for hamper selling shops and websites. Many hampers are made and sold on this occasion; however, Wine, cheese, chocolate, and a selection of other traditional festive fare are usually most common.

  • Chocolate and Biscuit Hampers

It is not a surprise to see the combination as a gift hamper since many individuals admire chocolates and biscuits. Another cause these hampers are so standard is that they can be used for almost any occasion. Whether you’re thanking anyone, giving a birthday present to a family member, or celebrating retirement, these hampers can be used in nearly every circumstance.