Have you heard? Cameron Diaz has just launched a new wine brand called Avaline that’s the talk of the town! Literally, “Cameron Diaz Wine” has been trending all over the Twittersphere, and it’s well on its way to breaking the internet. 

But why has Cameron Diaz’s wine brand caught such attention? After all, isn’t it just another organic wine brand produced by a Hollywood starlet-turned-entrepreneur?

Well, not quite. Sure, Avaline is an organic wine, but it’s SO much more than “just wine.”

What is Cameron Diaz Wine?

Cameron Diaz Wine is the nickname being given to the star’s brand of organic wine — Avaline.

Avaline has been produced by Cameron Diaz and her entrepreneur friend, Katherine Power, whom she met via her sister-in-law Nicole Richie. Avaline is an organic, natural, and vegan wine brand produced using completely natural production techniques.

Based on the aforementioned description, you might not think there’s anything special about Avaline. After all, isn’t the market flooded with organic wines?

Well… not quite.

But to truly display how Avaline is more than “just wine,” we need to understand something about other organic wines… they’re not actually organic!

The Problem with Most Wine Brands

Most people assume wine is naturally organic since it’s essentially made of fermented grapes. Cameron Diaz had the same assumption. But that’s until she realized that most wines carry numerous additives, such as sulfites, chemicals, pesticides, artificial flavors, colorings, and other components.

Sulfites are used to increase the wine’s shelf life, chemicals and pesticides are used to fight off certain insects during the production process, and artificial flavors enhance the wine’s desirability amongst the consumers. You know how your tongue turns red after drinking red wine? That’s because of a compound called Mega Purple!

In fact, wine isn’t even vegan — it’s usually filtered through animal byproducts, like fish bladder or egg whites.

And “organic” wines aren’t much better.

The word “organic” has little-to-no legal definition, and the words “natural” and “vegan” have an even less legal scope. As long as wine brands avoid Sulfites (but use other chemicals), they can call themselves “organic” wine. The term “organic” wine is essentially useless, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that what you’re consuming is natural.

And that’s why Avaline is more than “just wine” — it’s a revolution burning through the wine industry.

The Avaline Revolution is Here

Now that you understand the background, you can probably understand why Avaline is trending — it’s more than “just wine.”

Avaline is truly organic. No chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or additives are used during the production process. And the filtration process doesn’t use animal byproducts but rather vegan products. This ensures that the wine you drink is truly organic, natural, and vegan. And not just using the “organic” label as a marketing gimmick.

To assure her consumers, Cameron Diaz is doing something unheard of in the wine industry — implementing transparency.

Each Avaline bottle clearly lists out all the ingredients used in the wine production in big, bold letters. This holds Cameron Diaz’s wine accountable, and it informs the consumers about what they’re putting into their bodies.

If you’re prepared to embrace the organic wine lifestyle, get yourself a bottle of Avaline today!