Whenever the temperature drops, we always try to double our blankets. But is that always enough? Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes you need a more effective solution. Yes, we’re talking about space heaters.

Of course, you can go for a central heating system, but here we’re talking about something effective and energy-efficient. Space heaters are an amazing heating solution that comes with numerous benefits. So, if it’s too cold outside, buy the best heater for a large room and stay warm.

Now, let’s jump to the benefits and find out why space heaters are so good.

5 Important Benefits of Having a Space Heater

A space heater is a portable heating device that can keep you warm. Most space heaters are suitable for small rooms, but the modern ones are effective for large rooms. These devices run on both electricity and burnable fuel. It largely depends on your choice.

Here are some benefits of buying a space heater: –

  1. Affordable and require no installation

Installing a central heating system costs you anywhere around $5,000-$8,000. And that too if you have the ductwork pre-installed. And if you don’t have the ductwork, put in anywhere between $2,000-10,000. Usually, it depends on how extensive the job is. Now, if you consider the installation costs, it’s pretty high. And everyone cannot afford that.

On the other hand, space heaters are simple devices. And this makes them more affordable, durable, and less complex. You can buy a good quality space heater anywhere between $30-$300. The average cost depends on the type of heater, emery rating, and capacity of the heater you have bought. 

But the point here is, space heaters are less expensive. Also, you need not install a space heater. You can simply plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It’s the reason space heaters are preferred by most.

  1. Low Energy Consumption

You can find a variety of space heaters in the market. There are different shapes, sizes, types, and the ones that use different technologies like: –

  • Convection
  • Radiant
  • Fan

Depending on what you buy, you’ll feel the heat within minutes. It’s because space heaters are quick and take less time to distribute heat than a central heating system. The central heating system takes some time to reach the temperature you have set. Also, it consumes more energy.

But the space heaters are more energy efficient. Once your room is heated, you can maintain that temperature for as long as you desire. And this is what makes it more energy efficient.

  1. Better & Effective Heating

The job of a central heating system is to heat the entire house. And on the other hand, space heaters heat a smaller region like a single room. Now, the heat from the space heaters is absorbed by the clothes and your skin. This helps maintain the heat for a long time.

However, a central heating system heats the air and not the skin or clothes. This is why a central heating system takes too long to heat the entire place. You should know that different space heaters have different heating systems. Some heaters heat the entire room, while some heat a particular spot instantly. 

Then, there are the ones with a fan that blows out warm air. So, you can choose an effective one according to your needs. In a nutshell, space heaters are an effective heating solution for a well-insulated house. So, end the winter discomfort by investing in a good home space heater.

  1. The best option for small areas

Another cool benefit of a space heater is that there’s no space constraint. In a place where a large heating system cannot go, pace heaters are the solution. You don’t need any flues. As long as you have a power plug, you can use a space heater. Whether it’s your bathroom or a little storeroom, space heaters are the best.

  1. Easy to carry or Portable

This feature brings in good benefits. Most space heaters are light in weight. It means you can carry it around wherever you want. With this feature, you can use a single space heater and heat different rooms without a hassle. Also, you can use a space heater for outdoor use, if power is available.


A central Heating system is a long-term investment. You need to invest thousands of dollars before you can feel the warmth. But this is not the case with space heaters. Space heaters are portable, energy-efficient, effective, and affordable. This makes space heaters better than central heating systems.

However, if you consider buildings like large offices, shopping malls or villas, a central heating system is good. It’s because space heaters can heat a large room but not the entire building at the same time. Ultimately, it depends on your requirements. So, choose wisely.