Thinking of moving to the Sunshine State? Florida is home to some booming cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, and of course Orlando, the “theme park capital of the world.” Unlike the chilly winters experienced in New York, you’ll have to get used to the idea of sunshine and a generally warmer climate all-year-round.

Moving to Florida from New York is a long-distance journey of well over 1,000 miles, so it’s extremely important to be prepared for the move for a smooth, safe and stress-free transition. Here are some tips to make the move a big success.

Create a Plan

Now that you’re’ done searching homes for sale in Florida, made an offer, gotten approved and started the escrow process, the next step is to actually begin the planning of your move to Florida. Creating a good plan will guide you throughout the moving process. There are many things to prepare for so it’s best to write a checklist of everything that needs to be done.

Ensuring Your New Home is Ready to Move-In

Assuming you worked with a local real estate company to purchase your new home, it will definitely put a damper on the finale of arriving in Florida if you don’t have the keys to your new house. Ensure you work directly with the real estate company and determine a meeting place to pick up the keys (if you don’t already have the keys) and any other important documents you may need to open the door to your new home for the first time, without issues. 

Packing Plan

Getting all your moving boxes ahead of time, and starting to pack up the non-essentials weeks (even months) ahead of time will help with the packing. Bring the packed boxes into a spare room or garage, label them and stack them appropriately for easy of getting them into the moving truck. 

Plan Your Driving Route

This is a big one. If you plan to leave at a certain time, you may be able to miss the morning and after-work traffic rush hours. Not only that but factoring in road construction can play a big part in timing when driving from New York to Florida by taking alternate routes to avoid any heavy construction. Google Maps says the drive should take around 18 hours, majority of them being on the I-95 S. 

Gas Budget

Your moving budget might be a significant factor to consider. The cost of moving from New York to Florida will vary depending on factors such as the timing of the move, the distance of the move, the size of the move, and the services that will be needed. Besides the cost of moving, you also need to think about the cost of living and other related expenses in the new state. Luckily, the cost of living in Florida is lower compared to other states on the East Coast. However, factoring in price to rent and fill up the moving truck with gas (if you didn’t contract a moving company), a second car to fill up on the route so you can return the truck when you arrive in Florida, you’re looking at a few hefty charges with gas prices increasing as of late. 

Choose a Licensed Moving Company

If you don’t want to do a DIY move, investing in a good moving company with excellent cross-country moving experience is an essential step to take for such a big move. Moving companies take the burden of transporting your items off of your shoulders so that you can focus on other things that need your attention.

A good moving company will make the experience worthwhile, so it’s important to verify a company’s legitimacy before hiring its services. Ensure the company has a license and carries insurance to safeguard your possessions. Consider a moving company’s reviews as well.

Drive Time & Food

If you’re doing the DIY move with a company like U-Haul which allows you to rent one-way moving trucks, you’ll need to also factor in potty breaks and food breaks. Each stop can take around 20 minutes to get in-and-out of, so make sure you budget time and money for these essential stops. 

Consider Moving during Fall and Spring

Timing matters when it comes to moving. For most people, summer is the best time to plan a move, but this often comes with high costs. Moving during the offseason periods such as fall or early spring can help you save significantly. It also goes without saying that the heat and humidity of the summer season may it quite uncomfortable to be moving stuff out of a moving van. If you’ve been putting aside boxes to move to Florida and prefer to do it during summer, then make sure you get an estimate of moving costs.

Notifying Current Companies & Finding New Ones

As you prepare to depart from New York, you’ll want to ensure you inform your current primary companies you work with that you’re moving, these may include: 

  • Post Office of forwarding address
  • Credit and debit card companies 
  • DMV & vehicle registrations
  • Tax agencies
  • Social Security Administration
  • Gas and electric companies for proper shut off information
  • Phone, cable and internet companies
  • Personal mailing subscriptions 
  • Current and Florida HOA’s
  • Schools
  • Doctors offices

Being a brand new Florida resident, you’ll definitely want to establish your Florida driver’s license as state law requires you to obtain a Florida drivers license within 30 days of residency. 

We know the idea of moving to a brand new city, especially going such a long distance may feel daunting, but with this knowledge, it’s easier to make the best out of your move once you decide to move to Florida.