One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is neglecting old customers and only paying attention to attracting new ones. If you’re into marketing then you need to value customer relationships. If your relations with your customer are rocky and short-lived then the churn rate will be faster and you will lose more than you will gain.

Relationship marketing is essentially maintaining a good bond with your customers to retain them and give and receive long-term benefits. Like any normal relationship, it will only work out with commitment and effort.

Take a look at these tips to understand how you can utilize relationship marketing to gain customer trust.

Build Trust

The best path to follow is the one that leads to their heart. You need to form an emotional bond with your customers to earn their confidence. This can be done with something as small and simple as good customer service. You must treat your customers with compassion and communicate freely with them. Videos and marketing campaigns are another way to build a connection. When you put up relatable content for your audience that they can identify with, it drives them to your brand.

Nike for example is a great example of how personalized videos inspire customers. Try reaching out to video marketing experts via mail. You can find their email IDs via email finder websites such as within a few minutes.

Reflect Your Personality

You need to tell people why they must choose you and come back to you. What is unique to you that they can cling to? Does your brand add to social value? Does it contribute to the environment? Is it inspiring and pushes your customers to better things? Your brand and your marketing need to speak out for themselves. You could share your employee stories with your customers or give them a ride through your journey. This is the responsibility of the entire company right from the manufacturers to the executive team the company must reflect brand values.

Find a Purpose

It’s not solely about the product you sell it is the purpose behind it. Your customers need a reason to come back to you and the best one you can give them is the purpose of your product or service. An emotion or contribution to a cause always stays with people. Tell them why you started this business in the first place so that they can perceive your brand with a back story and in a positive manner.

Be Transparent

Open communication with your customers is important to build their confidence in you. Keep your customers updated on what’s going on inside the company and keep them informed. If you are contributing to a good cause, let them know. If your customer service is getting delayed, inform them. Let them reach out to you and get back to them. Customer feedback is a great way to do this. However, you must remember that if a customer is taking time out to give you constructive criticism or appreciation, then you need to revert to them and express gratitude.


Customer retention is underestimated and business leaders must pay attention to it. It is loyal and old customers that bring in more customers through word of mouth and more profit via consistent purchasing. While you must strive to gain new customers, you should always keep in touch with existing ones to make sure they stay.