From enjoying water play to teaching your kids how to swim, pool time is a fun way for the family to enjoy quality time together. Furthermore, it is a great way of encouraging young kids to become physically active from a tender age. Whereas pool time is a great way of enjoying endless summer fun, it places huge responsibility of keeping the family out of harm’s way. Therefore, it is crucial to make water safety the top priority to make the most out of the pool. In this article, you will find pool safety tips for your family.

swimming pool

1. Fencing and Boundaries

When you install a swimming pool in your garden, make it a priority to enhance its safety. Protect the pool with a boundary or fence that is reasonably high and inaccessible to unsupervised children. The pool area should be locked except when it is safe to use. To further increase the safety, you can install a gate or pool alarm to monitor and control access.

More so, there are manual and automatic covers available for pools. Manual covers use a hands or crank mechanism to stretch across the pool and the pool deck. The automatic cover is easy and convenient, but you will have to part with more money than a manual one. When pool covers are installed correctly, they can prevent young children from tumbling in the pool due to their strong synthetic materials.

2. Appropriate Pool Maintenance

Before you and your family start using a new swimming pool, ensure that the pool is in good and safe condition. Once you’ve done that, always follow the vendor’s advice regarding proper servicing and maintenance of the pool. It is also important to have all the pool’s safety checks done to avoid invalidating the warranty.

Cleaning and pool chemicals need to be well maintained to prevent them landing in the wrong hands. For instance, chlorine is suitable for pools because it can kill waterborne parasites and bacteria in a safe manner to human beings. However, if mishandled, such chemicals could result in illness, irritation, fires or even explosions. They need to be kept out of the reach of children, and locked up.

3. Constant Vigilance at All Times

Pool safety requires the pool owners to continuously remain vigilant about monitoring young kids having fun in the pool. Accidents have a tendency of occurring when they are the least expected. Being a parent, you already are familiar with constantly keeping a close on your kids, and this skill is most required around the poolside environment.

Furthermore, it is important to be careful with the floatation devices and toys that are allowed in the pool environment. Train the young children not to go to the pool unaccompanied, and never to play around jets or pool drains.


The tips mentioned above can help keep your pool safe, and key to note is that life jackets are secondary safety products, and cannot save someone on their own. Lastly, never allow young children to go near the water unaccompanied, even if they know how to swim.