Let’s talk about some of the most popular myths about guys. You may have heard some of the myths regarding guys from the internet or your friends. Anyway, the purpose of talking and learning about these myths is mainly for educational purposes.

It’s not uncommon for people to treat others or themselves based on popular myths. Some people even suffer from myths about their sexes. So, let’s learn more about guys, some popular myths surrounding them and find out which of them are true or false.

1. Wearing a hat and man buns cause hair loss

It is crazy to think that this myth is actually really old. Especially the part about wearing a hat too often can cause hair loss and male pattern baldness. The theory behind the myth is that wearing a hat and man buns pull the roots of your hair too much and cause damages that lead to baldness.  Well, it is not actually true, since male pattern baldness is tied to your genetics

2. Your health doesn’t affect your reproduction

This is the kind of myth that could lead to irresponsible behaviors. Your health definitely affects your reproduction. Harmful habits like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, having unprotected sex, using steroids, or using harmful drugs, could prevent you from producing healthy sperm. This is also the reason why older men are most likely to produce less healthy sperm than younger men. 

3. Breast cancer could only happen to women

I have heard many articles, news, and biography about men who survived breast cancer. Men can definitely suffer from breast cancer, even though the chance of getting it is much lower compared to women.

4. Men keep growing until 25

Men reach puberty at different ages. Some reach puberty as early as 12, while others might need to wait until they reach 18 or even 20. I think it is safe to say that some men do grow until they hit 25. But the majority of guys will stop growing once they hit 20.

5. Tight underwear and warm pants are bad for your sperm

It has been scientifically proven that tight underwear or wearing warm pants have no effect on your sperm health or production. It is only harmful when you are exposed to heat for prolonged periods. So, rest assured, your underwear choice has no effects on your sperm.

6. Guys don’t cry

Yep, this one is definitely not true at all. This ancient myth is actually harmful to many guys’ mental health. Being able to cry means you don’t have to hide your true feelings anymore. Crying is also a great way to cope with what you’re going through.

7. Guys can’t do house chores

This myth was born due to someone’s laziness. Your sex doesn’t determine how good you are at house chores. Every guy should learn how to do chores, no matter whether he is single or married. If you are single and want to invite a girl over, make sure you clean up your place nicely. And if you are in a relationship, don’t make your partner do everything for you.

8. Erectile dysfunction can only happen to older men

From the most recent report, 52% of men aged 40 to 70 suffer from ED. As you can see, the age range is pretty far. So, we can say now that ED can happen to young men too. In fact, ED is mainly caused by stress, psychological factors, certain medical conditions, smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, and other medical problems. Many men especially those who live in big cities tend to have one of these causes, so it isn’t surprising that younger guys can suffer from ED too.

9. Protein shake is a must if you want to get bigger

A protein shake is the biggest myth when it comes to men’s health. That’s why protein shake products are so popular nowadays with celebs and internet influencers endorsing them. But protein shake is only useful if you don’t get enough protein from your diet. Not only that, too much protein can be harmful to your body due to weight gain, kidney damage, and constipation.

10. Guys are always dirty 

I think this is one of the most popular myths about guys anywhere in the world. Guys are dirtier than girls. But this is not only false, but the opposite is also true sometimes. If you are dirty and too lazy to clean yourself, it is because you’re just lazy – not because you’re a guy. It is important to keep yourself and your surroundings clean to reduce the risk of diseases.

Learning more about yourself is always useful

Some popular myths about guys are harmless, but some are not. Myths can be dangerous if too many people believe in them and even worse if too many people are trying to force it on others. I hope that by now you’ll understand better about yourself and guys in general.