Using memes is a very effective method of engaging your target audience since they allow the brand to start a conversation with potential customers in an informal manner using humor. What’s more, if the meme strikes the fancy of the target group, it can go viral in a matter of days and deliver great brand exposure.

Some useful tips for marketers on using memes:

Ensure the Meme Is Aligned with the Brand’s Image

Even though as an experienced marketer, you know instinctively the kind of memes that will be appreciated by your target audience, it is still a good idea to define the kind of memes that they would like to share, the tone of the humor, and subjects to be avoided so that it is easier to maintain the consistency of the brand image. Since memes can be of several types ranging from downright funny to rude, edgy, to even completely random and weird, you need to be able to understand with what kind your target audience will relate the best. According to Forbes, brands will need to display that they are sensitive to customer sensibilities in their use of memes.

Understand the Meme Speak 

It can be easy to assume that memes are nothing but images with funny captions, successful marketing using memes will require you to develop a good understanding of the cultural nuances of different memes, their relevance, and the suitability of their use. Remember, even the slightest of mistakes can be spotted by your audience and can tarnish your brand image.

Stay Relevant 

One of the most notable things about memes is they a very short life. Even if some of them become viral, you simply cannot keep on using stuff that is no longer trending. Even though you can do an original take on a popular but old meme, your effort is likely to fall far short of audience expectations and make you seem outdated. This is the reason why even though some of your audience may still find old memes funny, you should desist from using them. It is important to note that some of the memes remain trendy only for just a few days. This can make it difficult for you to leverage them unless you are quick on the draw and can recognize trending memes as they appear on the social media horizon.


As attractive as memes may be for engaging audiences, marketers will need to keep in mind that they can never be their main content. The focus of the audience will still be on original, relevant, and value-added content with the occasional meme to liven up the atmosphere. For memes to do well, marketers should avoid making them overtly promotional as consumers’ value memes for their entertainment value.