In 2019 there were an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries, in the US – and that’s only the ones that were reported!  Although the figure may be slightly lower in 2020 because we typically spent more time at home during the Covid pandemic, once life returns to normal once again, our homes will be at higher risk. So the question is – what measures can we take to keep our family and our possessions safe?  Here are 4 which will have the greatest impact on your home’s security level.

Secure your doors

According to shocking statistics, 34% of burglars enter a home through the front door, and a further 22% break in through the back door. Another 9% enter through a garage door. Make it harder for intruders by installing deadbolts with a strike plate on your doors, and consider upgrading to a smart lock with an auto-lock and unlock feature. When you arrive home this  unlocks the door as well as auto-locking the door when it closes.  

Install a security system

There are plenty of options when you’re installing a new home alarm system.  First, it should easily visible as a deterrent to potential intruders. Place notices as close to the perimeter of your property as possible so they’re clearly visible, and also ensure that certain security cameras can be seen, while others may be less obvious to capture images of an intruder. A doorbell video camera and interior cameras will also demonstrate that you’re a homeowner who takes the required measures to keep your home secure and deter burglars who, in general, prefer an easy target.

Make it harder to hide

Trees and bushes close to your home look good, but also provide useful cover for burglars, so keep them small and well-pruned. Neat flowing plants or bushes with thorns are a better choice. If you have tree branches near upstairs windows, either get rid of them or ensure you have extra security to remove a potential access point for intruders.

Also, don’t leave expensive gardening equipment in plain sight, and for obvious reasons keep ladders somewhere safe so they can’t be used to enter the property. Always keep sheds and garages securely closed. 

Use lighting intelligently

Intruders and vandals prefer to do their misdeeds in the dark. Deter criminals with plenty of exterior lighting. Position motion-sensitive lights around your property, along paths, and near your garage and other outdoor structures.  Not only will you make potential burglars nervous about what other security measures you have in place, but you’ll also make it safer for you and your family to move around at night time. 

If you’re away from home for any length of time, use timers and smart devices to switch interior lights on and off at different times, as well as open and draw down your blinds. This way anyone watching your property with a view to entering will never be quite sure if it’s occupied or not. 

Sad to say but they’ll probably just move on to another property – one that’s not so well protected.