Here are 5 great ways to make this year a memorable year. The changes we have faced with the global pandemic have shown how important it is to keep doing things that make our lives fun and provide us with great memories to cherish.

  1. Professionalize your hobby

During lockdown, many a hobbyist has turned their hobby into a great money earner. The pandemic has influenced a huge increase in online shopping and created markets out there that had not been thought of previously. If you have a great hobby, making products or  offering a great service, you can now easily sell them to consumers online. The market is out there, so it may be time to perfect your hobby and make something from it. Whether it be candle-making or pottery, as long as you produce professional, environmentally friendly products, then there are people out there who are willing to spend their money on your products. 

And It does not stop there. Current technology now allows for you to be able to design and sell lessons through video calls, Zoom or Google meet. Teach your hobby to somebody else. Selling your expertise online is a great idea to bring in extra income during the current economic downturn.

You may have only ever thought of the time you spent doing what you loved as down time, yet  2021 may be the year that you make some extra money from this downtime. Perfect and professionalize your hobby, it will be an initiative to remember.

  1. Remodel your home

This has been one of the most popular past times to gain notoriety and has trended during the pandemic. Those working from home needed office space or additional room for home schooling, and others just wanted to create a more enjoyable home space. It has been a growing trend and although creating hours of family fun, remodeling can also be a DIY disaster if you do not start right. Remodeling will improve the curb appeal and increase the value of your home, so if done properly and professionally you will actually be making money doing this.

To ensure that you start in the best way possible the key is to develop a clear plan. A well-designed floor plan will allow you to visualize the improvement from the beginning and should form the basis of any home improvement, remodeling, or re-design. A good service provider will be able to provide a floorplan or blueprint in 2D, 3D and to provide some details of the rooms you are looking to remodel. Whether you are using a professional builder or doing most of the work yourselves, starting with a detailed professional blueprint is the best way.

  1. Plan time for family time

Spending time with family is the primary aim of life for many and for good reason. It has been proven that family time and building relationships within the family setting is good for your health and longevity. Spending time with family is a way for all members of the family to build confidence and meaningful relationships with one another. 

With the increase in screen time and social media, many have neglected their personal relationships and it is important to realize this and deal with it before it creates increased distance between family members. The strength of one’s social circle is a better predicter of how they will deal with stress and hardship than their physical health data. The top three reasons for improved family connectedness are clear and proven:-

  • Improved mental health:- Interacting socially, especially face to face has been proven to reduce depression.
  • Children do better academically:- Those children who spend more time with their parents, tend to do better in school.
  • Teaches conflict resolution:- Being with family is fun, but not always and there is bound to be times of conflict and disagreement. The family setting is a great place to learn how to deal with such conflict.

So, while you create memories by spending time together you are additionally building strong resilient children and families. It is definitely time well spent.

  1. Start a garden

Gardening has proven  benefits for your health. Firstly, and in relation to tip number 5 below, it is a form of exercise.  It is generally performed outdoors or in a ventilated space and thus also good for increased fresh air. Regardless of where you live you can start to grow something, a collection of pots, indoor plants, and if you have the requisite space then lawned areas and grassy meadows may be your thing. Spending time in the garden has a number of clear benefits, but the main one, of importance for creating memories, is to enjoy your gardening and your produce. The fresh vegetables or freshly cut flowers are something to cherish and will provide ongoing enjoyment as well as ongoing memories of time spent growing and then eating or enjoying the beauty of your plants.

  1. Do some form of exercise

You do not have to run a marathon, but you would do well to start doing some form of exercise in 2021. As we all begin to feel the effects of too much time spent indoors, it will be useful to start doing some form of exercise. Start slowly, most people think that you have to do vigorous  exercise and sweat till you drop. This is not the case and gentle stretching qualifies as does yoga and weights. Then just work your way up the range of things that you can do. Even consistent gentle exercises will increase your heart rate and work towards keeping your body and mind healthy.

These are 5 things that everyone can do, regardless of where you live. There will likely be no travel this year and it would be wise to have a clear idea of a few things that you can do, to make this year more memorable. Making memories is a key component of creating a happy life, it is easy to do and being mindful of why you do certain things helps to set great routines for you and your family.