The mere thought of going to the doctor can be scary, especially if you’ve had a less than wonderful experience. Visiting a doctor can be much worse for kids of all ages. And it’s not any better for parents either. 

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Many unpleasant but necessary procedures often take place in the doctor’s office. It’s no wonder kids don’t exactly fancy this experience. 

The sight of unfamiliar instruments like a Coloplast catheter can send shivers down your kid’s spine. But if only a visit to the doctor would end with a stickler and a smile, the doctor’s office would be every child’s haven. Sadly, that’s not the case. 

As a parent, the onus is on you to take away some scariness out of your kid. In doing so, you should create positive medical experiences early in childhood. Such a level of preparation will foster a healthy-patient-doctor relationship.  

When kids get into a medical office, anxiety is an everyday occurrence – yet there are things you can do to set your kid up for a successful visit to the doctor.   

Bring Your Child Up to Speed 

You should prep your kid in advance by informing them what they should look forward to. The kind of information you’ll disseminate will vary depending on the child’s age. 

Because you know your child best, you need to assess whether they tend to worry before you give them a heads up. Be that as it may, kids like consistency and predictability. They generally dislike a surprise that’s not positive. 

Don’t fail to mention that the doctor’s visit will help them to stay healthy and everyone doesn’t have a choice about going. 

Exercise Calmness  

Sometimes, you might be more anxious or scared than your young one. And since children are observant, they can feed off your energy.  

Anytime you’re preparing your kid for a doctor’s visit, be mindful of showing calmness. This attribute will put your child at ease. After all, you can’t afford to be anxious about the appointment as this will have a knock-on effect on your kid.    

Be Factual 

If your 4-year-old asks whether they’re going to get a shot, be straight up with them. You can tell them yes if indeed that is the case. If you don’t know, say it. 

Your kid will be even more upset if you said they’re not going to get a shot, and it turns out that they need to get one. Being honest and upfront is an essential part of preparing your kid for the doctor’s visit. 

If the doctor’s visit doesn’t go the way you said it would, the feeling is way more anxiety-producing in contrast to “Dad said it might hurt a little.”  

Be Positive 

As much as there’s a likelihood of getting a shot, remind your kid that it will help keep them healthy. What’s more, don’t label the people who give shots as “mean” because this will only help make your kid more anxious. 

Even if the shots are going to hurt a little bit, you can assure your kid that the doctor will help them. 

Anytime your child is scheduled to visit a doctor, you should always strive to create positive experiences. Creating feel-good interactions will avoid a scenario where your child might turn out to be a doctor-dodging adult.