If you want the perfect blend of convenience, power, and an engaging drumming experience, look no further than the Yamaha DTX6-K Electronic Drumkit. This range’s head surface features Yamaha’s Textured Cellular Silicone, similar to the one used in the company’s flagship models.¬†

The DTX6 Series is perfect for all drummers who like having fun, playing like pros, need a compact kit, and desire to transfer their skills to acoustic drums easily.

Launched in the tail end of last year, this drumkit has a lot to offer. Read on to discover why this is a wise investment, whether you are an aspiring or a current musician. 

The DTX6-K range has three modules, each with a DTX PRO sound module with several upgraded pad features over previous models. 

Below are some of the notable features of the drums in the Yamaha DTX6-K range.

DTX PRO Module

The DTX PRO has a 40-set drumkit with 700 different sounds that draw brilliance from the Yamaha EAD10. These sounds vary greatly and include both old school and contemporary beats. Besides these, you can add up to 200 custom tunes. 

Additionally, this module allows you to adjust ambience, compression and effect levels using a one button. This function is known as the Kit Modifier.

Thanks to Yamaha engineers, there’s a broad range of tonal possibilities available. These include the natural sound of acoustic drums, live performance sounds, and heavily effected sounds.

The Ambience knob allows you to regulate the ambience and reverb of the sound produced by the drumkit. When you switch to acoustic drum sounds, the ambience modifier knob regulates the recorded natural ambience between zero and 50%. Suppose you turn it up higher, high-quality digital reverb gets infused into the sound.

The Comp and Effecy knobs rely on the “1-knob” to control the technology that comes with products in the Yamaha PA range.

On its part, the Comp function adds one-knob compression to the entire drumkit sound, from subtle to very obvious, while Effect enables you to control how internal effects processors mix. You can configure the processors to suit your preferences. Likewise, you can choose the effects that you like.

The DTX PRO Module also has 37 training songs that allow you to improve your drumming skills. Thanks to its compatibility with Yamaha’s Rec N’ Share app, you can recordyourself whenever you want.

Lastly, DTX pads, the interface between the drummer and the drumkoy, impeccably matches the DTX-PRO Module to ensure that the player expresses their ability fully. 

Yamaha DTX6-K Models

The following are the different drumkits available in the Yamaha DTX6-K range.


The DTX6K3-X is the most expensive drumikit in the DTX6-K range, and rightly so. It has Yamaha’s Textured Cellular Silicone pads, an 8-inch snare drum, 7-inch Toms, and a 7.5-, inch kick drum.

As expected of a drumkit of this class, the DTX6K3-X has three triple zone cymbals that have a ride and 13-inch pads. 


After the DTX6K3-X is the DTX6K2-X. A majority of its features resemble its higher end model, with the major exception being the absence of the three Toms. Instead, this model has the TP370 model.


The DTX6K-X is the cheapest model in its range. Regardless, has the same features as the DTX6K2-X, as it has Textured Cellular Silicone and TP70 Tom’s.

However, this model has one 10-inch crash cymbal and a 10-inch rack mounted Hi Hat pad, with separate hi hat Controller foot pedal.


The reproduction of the way a drumkit sounds when struck is vital to the playability of electronic drums.

When designing the DTX-6, Yamaha invested time and resources to investigate the way drums respond when hit, and used their findings to develop a product that suits all customers’ needs.

Whatever you choose, there’s no doubt that the Yamaha DTX6-K will suit your entertainment needs. Thanks to the DTX PRO Module, you can enjoy a broad range of exciting times, whether you’re at your home or studio.