2020 was a challenging year for many, and weight loss took a backseat. This was a setback for those who had already started and those who were planning to start. Despite all these, a new year is here with us, and it is time to get your groove back. Trouble looms when you do not know what to combine, the ideal protein diet, or how to ensure you keep your meals lively and healthy and, at the end of it, help you lose weight. It is effortless to cheat since unplanned diets are hard to create and follow. To ease this, below are the top diets that experts are recommending this year.

Healthy Fruit

1) Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is the top-rated diet plan according to PatriciaandCarolyn’s rankings due to its affordability and healthy meal options. This four weeks program’s primary goal is to offer people safer and easier weight loss options. The program looks to have you consume six meals a day with a calorie intake of between 1200- 1500 calories.

Those who opt-in get low-calorie pre-packaged food and shakes specially formulated by Nutrisystem. For a little extra, you get to have customizable menus and meals. Other than a meal-planning guide, the app tracks your progress and continually offers reminders. You will stay on top of your weight loss journey. It also has fun challenges, offers, and gifts that keep you motivated. Its affordability makes it a go-to option for many. Additionally, it offers special meals to vegetarians and those who have Diabetes.

2) South Beach Diet

Named after an alluring place in Miami, the meal looks to help you lose weight without limiting your options. The diet encourages eating healthy fats, meals rich in fiber, protein, and low carbs. It is considered a favorite by many as it helps them adapt to the changes gradually. This helps reduce cravings and cheating. The diet is broken into three phases. The first phase consists of dropping fruit juices and alcohol as part of your meals. During the second phase, you get to eat healthy foods, and you can now add the foods you dropped but in moderation. The final phase is all about maintaining your portions and calories to avoid weight gain. Additionally, the diet plan recommends exercises as they help boost metabolism and reduce cholesterol.

3) Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet uses a food pyramid to guide those who follow it. The diet encourages the consumption of healthy foods such as whole grains, healthy fats, veggies, and fruits. Even if you consume a lot, you end up consuming very few calories, which helps you lose weight in general. The plan revolves around two phases. Phase one, known as the “Lose it” phase, requires you to evaluate your previous eating habits, and you get to ditch or keep them. In phase two, known as “Live it,” allows you to continue with the eating habits from phase one, but you get the wiggle room to break a few rules. This diet plan requires you to eat 30 minutes before you engage in activities, and you get to also avoid the TV while eating. You are expected to keep a food and activity diary to guide your routine. For recipe inspiration, you can use the Mayo Clinic Cookbook. To ensure you maintain your budget, consider buying foodstuff on sale or planning ahead. Work out is also a priority with this diet plan, and the recommended duration for a session is one hour or more.

4) Bistro MD

Just as the name suggests, the foods come from a restaurant set-up and are delivered to your home. The difference with other restaurants is that you choose the food from four diet plans, all meant for weight loss. The process is easy as you place your order as you would any other restaurant. However, to ensure you save money and avoid huge bills, take up long-term plans as they are discounted. Special diets are also available in order for vegans, vegetarians, ketogenic, and Diabetic. From this plan, you can expect to lose two pounds weekly or more.

5) Noom

Noom is not a diet but an app that holds you accountable for what you eat, making it an ideal weight-loss option. The app requires you to input everything you consume each day and rates your meal using colors. Green represents good food, and red represents foods you should avoid or reduce the amounts consumed. The app has health experts that guide you through your journey, and you connect with them through chats and the Noom community. A free version is available if you do not plan on spending, but you can get the paid version for less if you pay annually. Weight loss is estimated to be two pounds weekly or more if you stick to it. Read real noom reviews featured on juneauempire.com.