One of the most stressful activities possible is moving home. However, when you add the extra dimension of moving to another country things can get very challenging. Fortunately, there are some ways you can keep the stress of moving overseas as low as possible.

Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Do your research

Before you move, do as much research as you can. This includes things such as customs, foods, transportation, and much more. By researching things ahead of time, it will give you the tools to have a smoother transition, as you will know what to expect. This can be in the form of anything from travel videos on YouTube to reading books about the region. Familiarize yourself with as much of the culture and customs before moving. Since you’re going to be conducting business you should probably also learn the local laws too. Reading the applicable legislation will reduce the chance of any mistakes happening when you get started. For example, if you’re moving to Brazil, reading this Brazil law blog will likely help you become acquainted with taxation, immigration guidelines, and other business rules you’ll need to follow.

Ask for a relocation package

If you are moving overseas because of your job, the firm you are working for might offer you a relocation package. This is a package of money and support to make the move easier. 

Be sure you understand what exactly is involved in the package they are offering too. The reason is that some firms will offer only a relocation bonus to be spent at your distraction, while others will have all sorts of additional benefits including paying for your kid’s schooling, and covering your insurance while overseas. 

Some employers may even provide funds for or access to an immigration lawyer to help you iron out all the legalities of your overseas move. This being something that can help reduce the stress involved a great deal. 

Learn the language 

Often when we move overseas the local language is not the same as our own native tongue. Indeed, this can cause problems both practical and otherwise, because the harder you and your family find it to communicate the more difficult moving day, setting up a new home, and making friends will be. 

With that in mind, if you know you have an overseas move coming up it is well worth investing in some language lessons for the whole family. You can choose to do this all together with a tutor, send the kids to age-appropriate classes, or even use an app like Duo Lingo which can help make learning a new language fun. 

Only take what you need

A great deal of the stress that is associated with moving overseas is the choosing, packing, and unpacking of items once they have arrived at your destination. The good news is that you can greatly reduce this by only choosing the essential things. 

What this means is anything with sentimental value that you or your kids can do with like teddy bears, or comfort blankets that need to be packed. However other items like generic pieces of flat pack furniture can be left or disposed of before the move. Then repurchased once you arrive. Indeed it’s often cheaper to do it this way than pay to have them shipped across. 

Pick a good removal service 

For any move, choosing a removal service you can trust is vital. However, when you are moving overseas, picking a good removal company is essential! After all, they will not only have to help you get your stuff packed up in your current home but get it to another country all in one piece. 

With that in mind, picking a firm that specializes in international removals is a smart idea. It’s also essential that you follow their instructions on packing carefully. The reason being those poorly packed or overweight items can create a real problem when being shipped from one country to another.