If you are thinking about renovating the kitchen, surely one of the biggest concerns you will be what factors can influence a kitchen renovation price. Below we will show you some important aspects that you should take into account.

Kitchen furniture

The kitchen furniture, which is a crucial piece, also takes a high percentage of your budget. You should know that wooden furniture is more expensive, as well as lacquered furniture. On the other hand, current inexpensive furniture does not necessarily have to be solid wood. It offers appreciative results very similar to the lacquer, both in gloss and satin.

In terms of colors, there is not much difference in price between colored furniture or white furniture.

Kitchen flooring

When choosing a kitchen floor, it is best to choose a resistant floor. Take into account that in a kitchen, it is normal for liquids to fall on the floor. A wooden floor could be problematic in this room, although wooden floors are suitable for wet areas.

The tiled kitchen laminates are an ideal alternative for this area of the house, then mimic wood, but they have added advantages such as resistance to liquids. Likewise, we can always opt for traditional solutions, such as ceramic flooring.

Walls of a kitchen

As for the walls, the truth is that we can choose different materials. It is possible to include a good kitchen veneer with tiles, for example. From the mosaic-type tiles that are so popular now, we will find endless options to the larger ones that avoid joints. Think that the smaller, the more together and therefore more dirt will accumulate.

Another option is to paint the walls. Yes, we know that this option scandalizes many, but the truth is that painting is cheaper, especially when compared to laying tiles. Also, when time passes, we can paint again, and that’s it. Now, if we paint, let it always be with special paint for wet areas.

Home appliances

Without a doubt, appliances are an essential budget item. To save money, we can think of appliances that do double duty. For example, there are washer-dryers, as well as ovens that have a microwave function. We will not only save space. We will also be buying a 2 × 1. Smaller-capacity appliances, like a small dishwasher, are even cheaper. If there are not many of us at home, it could be the right solution.

We must also look at brands that offer good value for money. It is unnecessary to go to the most exclusive brands, as there are houses that work well and give sufficient guarantees on their appliances.

The right bench

As for kitchen benches, there are also many materials at different prices. Although it is evident that natural stones are the ones that give the best results because they are more resistant, synthetic stones, which are cheaper, also have interesting characteristics for a modern kitchen.

If we want something more economical, we can always opt for melamine countertops, imitate wood, and even other materials. They are very cheap and give good results, although they obviously cannot be compared with the previous ones.

These are some of the crucial aspects to take into account when renovating a kitchen. We hope they come in handy if you are thinking of remodeling yours.