Every part of the human body is significant in the overall functioning of the system. Whether it is working, driving, or preparing meals, your hands play an integral role in these normal day-to-day activities. In case you are undergoing hand pain or are unable to perform daily activities, it may be a sign that you have to need plastic surgery. These medical practitioners specialize in hand surgery. Hand surgery is a crucial solution when non-surgical methods are unable to solve the problem. A right surgeon can recommend surgery and thereby perform it in the most minimally invasive technique possible.

Please take a look at your condition to rectify it immediately

There are several injuries and conditions which lead to pain and limited functioning of the hand. Arthritis is a common hand condition that causes stiffness, swelling, pain, and immobility. According to doctors, the issues include hand fractures, tendon injuries, tendon disorders, nerve injuries or disorders, and work-related or sports-related hand injuries. These require immediate diagnosis and rectification after consulting the doctor. Those individuals who specialize in hand therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, splinting can help you go about the process.

The different kinds of hand surgery you must contemplate

There are various types of surgeries that doctors perform. The most frequently used hand surgeries are as follows

Tendon repair surgery: the robust connective tissue which attaches adjacent bones to muscles is called tendons. When they are damaged or injured, it can give rise to inflammation, loss of hand movement, and pain. For this, non-surgical treatments for rectifying tendon conditions include splinting of the area, hand therapy, and proper rest.

Fracture surgery: depending on the hand fracture’s location and severity, the surgeon ascertains surgery’s necessity. Minor fractures require non-surgical treatment for relief. In case of a severe hand fracture, you have to consult a doctor for surgery. They use surgical equipment like plates and screws used for holding the bone fragments in place.

Nerve repair surgery: damage of the nerves in hand may result from an injury or pressure. Also, stretching of the nerves is another reason behind nerve injury. Some of these injuries do not require medical help for rectification. However, severe ones will require a surgical method.

Other surgical options: several surgical options depend on the severity and kind of arthritis you may experience. The widespread surgical methods include synovectomy, which comprises removal of the diseased or damaged joint lining. Also, osteotomy helps in realigning the bone joints. In addition to this, joint fusion and arthroplasty are other methods of rectifying arthritis problems.

In addition to this, joint replacement surgery and arthritis surgery are other significant surgical methods that increase in popularity these days. If you are experiencing reduced mobility or pain in hand, get in touch with an orthopedic surgeon who can help you rectify the problem. Also, you can schedule a consultation immediately with medical practitioners to discuss the issue.