One of the most important things a consumer value nowadays is convenience as we live in an ever-busy world. People struggle juggling family roles, careers, hobbies, errands, and such that anything that provides comfort is always seen as a great alternative. Moreover, with the advent of technology, convenience is amplified and now materialized in any aspect of our daily lives. One of these aspects is healthcare services.

Today, we now have online pharmacies to cater to our medication needs. Especially with the pandemic, going out has been challenging and risky. For people who have urgent needs: those who have severe health conditions and men who have dysfunctions and cannot perform without medication, online pharmacies are at their service to provide them what they need and ship or deliver them.

Although online pharmacies are beneficial, some issues are still observable in ordering medication via online pharmacies. Here is a list of their pros and cons:

Pros of purchasing from online pharmacies


As mentioned above, convenience is the main highlight of the benefits one can get from online pharmacies. You don’t have to go to a physical pharmacy and interact with people. You just have to look for a credible online prescriptions and medication delivery service like Felix, fill out forms, or only press buttons, and you’re done.


The company will deliver the medication you ordered right to your doorstep. You won’t have to say it to a pharmacist and be heard by other customers. This becomes handy when you are buying medication for dysfunction or other issues. Also, packaging for these kinds of medicine is designed to be as discreet as possible. 


No more waiting in lines or for your number to be called. With just the tip of your fingers typing shipping details and such, you’ll be quickly done with ordering. Responses are also fast when it comes to online transactions.


One of the costs you would get to avoid is transportation. Furthermore, the prices are generally low at these online pharmacies. This is because companies have lower costs since they only have their manufacturing warehouse as a source of overhead expenses. Unlike companies with physical stores, they also have to balance out prices according to overhead costs from their warehouse and physical stores. Additionally, when you go to a store, you only learn about the price of the medication at that point. With online pharmacies, you can see the cost of their tablets at any time.

Cons of purchasing from online pharmacies


The store you buy from must show proof on their website that they are verified and accredited. Some online pharmacies are only resellers that are not registered.

Some do not require a prescription.

Prescriptions are essential in buying medicine. Without it, you may put yourself in danger by consuming the unprescribed medication. Online pharmacies can put your health at risk if they do not require prescriptions and allow you to buy anything you ask for.

It might take too long to arrive.

Shipping can be delayed or naturally take days or weeks if the warehouse’s location is far from your area, especially if it’s overseas.

Online pharmacies for men are incredibly advantageous for convenience, lower prices, and such. One just has to keep in mind verifying the credibility and legitimacy of an online store. More so, it is also the buyer’s responsibility to undergo proper consultation and acquire a prescription for one’s safety.