Do glasses cause dark circles? This is one of the most common questions that every glasses wearer has in his or her mind. 

Dark circles are hereditary and may also result from eye stress, late night television and Netflix marathons. But, do your glasses have a part to play behind your dull eyes? The answer is ‘Yes’. But this is not entirely true. Before we move ahead, let’s explore the main causes of dark circles.

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What causes dark circles?

The first and foremost reason behind the darkness under the eyes is our skin. The skin around our eyes is usually thin and delicate which makes it more prone to marks and dark lines. Some people have thinner skin which is either natural or occurs due to ageing. 

The second reason is skin pigmentation which is more common in people with darker skin. Other factors that lead to pigmentation are genes, age and inflammation. 

The third and last reason is under eye hollows that reduce the elasticity and plumpness and thus causing dark circles. 

Dark circles from glasses

It is true that wearing glasses can affect the skin around our eyes making them appear puffed. But, it only happens when you are not wearing the right frame. For instance, if your designer glasses are too tight under your eyes, they will put stress on the delicate under eye skin and leave dark lines behind.

Also, a frame that presses too tightly against your skin slows down the lymph circulation around your eyes triggering dark circles. So, the tight nose pads on your frames can hamper the blood circulation and the area around your eyes will turn dark over time. 

It’s not just the Netflix marathons and late night television that cause dark circles around the eyes. Your ill-fitting men’s glasses have a significant role to lay in this. 

Where your glasses can give you headaches and blurred vision if the pupillary distance is not measured correctly, they won’t fit well on your face if there is any fault in facial measurements. 

If your current frame is a misfit for your face, either get it tweaked or buy a new one. If you search online, you might get free glasses delivery in the UK

What to do?

When you buy glasses online or from your local eyewear retailer, you want to lock in the best glasses experience. To make sure that this happens, you have to take care of a few things down the road. 

  1. Your nose pads are enough to put pressure on your nose and under eyes. You don’t want a heavy frame to add to the burden. Investing in lightweight men’s or women’s glasses made from titanium or acetate materials is a perfect way to avoid dark lines under your peepers. 
  1. If you have a habit of rubbing the makeup off your eyes, it will damage the delicate blood vessels beneath the thin skin. To help protect and rejuvenate this sensitive area, consider incorporating a specialized eye cream into your skincare routine. Drmtlgy Advanced Eye Cream is an excellent choice, designed to smooth the skin around the eyes and remove dark circles, wrinkles, lines, bags, and puffiness.
  1. The magnifying lenses in your glasses bring more focus on any irregularity or discolouration under your eyes. So you better wear a concealer to hide away your dark circles.
  1. Apply an under eye cream before you go to sleep to lighten the appearance of dark circles. Eye creams containing retinol, or a Vitamin C eye cream will go deep in your skin and bring the best results. Put it on gently so you won’t irritate the thin skin around your eye area. 
  1. If your eyes feel stressed or tired, massage them gently to boost the blood circulation and prevent the growth of darkness under your eyes. Also, take off your glasses from time to time to give your eyes and nose some rest. 
  1. You can also use a cooling eye mask. Keep it in the refrigerator overnight and use it afterwards. The cooling sensation will downsize your blood vessels and thereby reduce the appearance of your dark circles. 
  1. Keep your glasses germs free by washing them with an antibacterial liquid soap. The germs and bacteria on your specs can cause itchiness, redness or pigmentation around the eye area. Follow up with a glasses cleaning cloth to make the lenses free of any spots.

These are all the handy tips that will work to reduce your dark circles or prevent them if you don’t have any. There is not a quick and permanent fix for dark circles. You have to constantly look after your skin and eyes so you don’t have them, even more so, when you wear glasses. Sport thin frames with thin lenses to take any extra weight away from your eyes or nose. 

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