As humans, we tend to take our teeth for granted. We use them multiple times daily when eating and smiling and brush them in the morning and night. Apart from that, we don’t think about them much.

However, did you know that looking after your gnashers and the rest of your mouth is one of the most critical factors of caring for your body? Bad dental hygiene can even cause many other diseases and health issues that seem unrelated. 

You’ll notice how much care your dentist takes when you visit. Tools and products must be sterile, and tools such as a refrigerator is essential to keep everything at the right temperature. 

So, if you’re interested in learning more about caring for your pearly whites and mouth, read on for our top ten facts.

Tooth Enamel is THE Toughest Part of the Entire Human Body

That’s right. The protection on the outside of your teeth is harder than even your bones and nails. It isn’t indestructible though, so brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is essential to keep it in top condition. 

You Spend 39 Days of Your Life Cleaning Teeth

It might seem like a lot, but it’s true. The average American will stand over the sink brushing for a whole 39 days of their life. That’s over a month.

Your Saliva Can Fill 2 Swimming Pools

Throughout your lifetime, you can expect to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools with saliva. It may sound a little ‘yucky,’ but it’s doing you a lot of good. Saliva helps get rid of all the harmful bacteria that enter the body through your mouth.

You Have a Unique Tongue Print

Fingerprints aren’t the only feature that’s unique to each human being. Our tongues also have a different pattern, and no two people have the same one. We might even see tongue prints used for biometrics as proof of ID in the future.

Tongues Are the Strongest Muscle in Our Bodies

Forget your biceps or abdominals, your tongue is stronger than them all, proportional to its size of course. Just think of all the work it has to do each day, from swallowing food to helping you speak. 

People Have a Favorite Color Toothbrush

Across the US, most people will prefer a blue toothbrush over a red one. Why? It’s just one of those quirky facts. 

Kids Have Fewer Teeth Than Adults

Even though your little one’s mouth might look full of pearly whites, there are nowhere near as many as yours. Children have 20, whereas adults have 32, including the wisdom teeth that come through when you’re older. 

Your Mouth is Full of 9,000 Taste Buds

How do you savor all the delicious foods and drinks you devour daily? With 9,000 taste buds. They’re found all around the inside of your mouth, from the top of your tongue to the inside of your cheeks.

Tooth Decay is Extremely Common

In the US, tooth decay is the second most common disease and is only beaten by the common cold. The latter you can keep away by washing your hands regularly, just as you can prevent rotten teeth by maintaining excellent dental hygiene.

Looking After Your Chompers Can Prevent Heart Attacks

We mentioned above that looking after your teeth can keep other diseases away, but it can even stave off heart attacks. Doctors discovered that there’s a link between the harmful bacteria in your mouth and heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses. So, clean your teeth often! 

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Time to Call the Dentist

So, there you have it. Some are fun facts and others more serious. It might be enjoyable reading through them all, but remember that it’s essential to care for your teeth by cleaning them regularly and taking frequent trips to the dentist. Don’t wait any longer to get a healthy smile with the dentist in Holland