As a dog person, you already know how your furry friend makes you happy. How they make you smile, improve your mood, reduce stress, and feel loved—the rewards of having a dog in the family are many. That is why you should also do your part in taking care of them in exchange for the companionship they provide. Of course, you have to feed and groom them. You also have to keep them safe at all times.


However, there could be one unappealing part of dog care that most owners would agree with. That is, picking up after your dog when you go on your daily walks with them. While this is true, it is a necessary task that you should do as a responsible owner.

Thankfully, there is one convenient solution that can help make the task as less tiring as possible—poop bag pouch!

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Poop Bag Pouches

With a plethora of options on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the perfect dog poop bag. Nonetheless, there are factors that you should consider to come up with the best decision for you and your pooch.


How durable a poop bag is to hold your pooch’s waste is probably the most important quality trait you would want to look for. Of course, you would not want the bag tearing nor leaking, would you?

Ease of Use

Poop bags are somehow designed differently. You can read instructions on how they are used and see if a product is convenient and comfortable to use. As you will see, the most popular poop bag pouch will be pretty easy to carry around and utilize.


Of course, your budget plays an important role in everything you buy. However, you should not compromise quality over price when it comes to dog poop bags. As previously implied, the cheapest of these bags could easily break, and you would not like that to happen.

One way to know if a poop bag is good is by trying it out, first. Know if it is thick and durable enough to hold a good amount of dog waste. You can then buy the same product next time if you see it is a reliable option.


Dog poop bags can also come with floral scents to help conceal the unpleasant odor that poop produces. However, you should be meticulous in selecting scented poop bags, as some of them may have strong scents that can overwhelm you. If scents are not your thing, then you can always go for unscented bags.


Who said you cannot be stylish in carrying and using dog poop bags? There are different designs and colors on the market today that will match your fashion preferences.

Poop bags come in multiple colors, so you do not have to choose only one.


These bags can also come with more accessories. Aside from holders and dispensers that can be attached to the leash, there are also those which are designed with compartments, where you can place treats and other things your pooch will need while you are out and about.


You will have to properly dispose of your dog poop bag from time to time, so it would be good if it is biodegradable. Avoid those that are made of non-compostable materials. It will be good to know that you are helping protect the environment while caring for your beloved animal companion.

Choosing a Poop Bag Holder

Alt-Text: walking multiple dogs


You already know how important it is to pick up after your pooch when you are taking a walk, so you can dispose of the waste properly afterwards. However, carrying around poop bags can be a hassle, especially if you have more than one dog. This is where the best dog poop bag holder comes in—it definitely makes your walks more enjoyable for both you and your pooch.

Remember that holders have different designs for different bags. There are even those that are specifically designed to go with certain poop bag brands, so check the bag that you have, first.

However, there are also holders that are generic in nature, which means that they can be used with almost all types of dog poop bags. They can be attached to your wrist or to the leash.

When it comes to the price, you can easily find poop bag holders that are friendly to your pocket. These even include the fancy ones!

Aside from individual holders that you can attach to your leash, you can also search for a dog harness with poop bag holder. You are basically buying two products in one, saving more money in the process!

Choosing a Poop Bag Dispenser

A fancy poop bag dispenser is another item that should go with poop bags. Without it, you will need to use both your hands to separate the bag from the roll, which can result in a messy situation.

Here are the two types of dispensers that you can choose from:


This is a lesser-known option but is a favorite among many dog owners. You can just attach it to the leash with adjustable straps.

This type of dispenser does not hang and bounce but is securely fastened to the leash. It can also be opened and closed easily with a zipper, which makes it more convenient when adding or getting replacement rolls.


This is the more common type of poop bag dispenser, which you mostly find in the shape of a cylinder or a bone. It comes with a clip or a carabiner that fastens to the leash. To add or get replacement rolls, you need to unscrew its end, making it less convenient to use than fabric dispensers.

A plastic dispenser hangs freely and bounces when you walk, which is another downside.

Regardless of the material, you should make sure your chosen dispenser matches perfectly with your poop bag.

Parting Thoughts

All in all, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a poop bag pouch for your furry friend, and they all boil down to personal requirements. Other dog lovers would agree that you have to ensure your poop bag is durable enough, but you should also want it to be easy to use and, of course, fairly priced.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good starting point and direction to the perfect dog poop bag!

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