Do you have a body con dress, and you shy away from slipping it on your body? Do not keep off your body-hugging dresses just because they do not flatter your figure. There are many ways that you can achieve the look to look glamourous in it. Contrary to the belief that they are not for every woman. All you have to do is get one from your Lily Lulu Boutique and master the art of wearing it to suit your body frame. Wear them with confidence and up your style quotient. Below are figure-flattering ways to wear your body con dress. 

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Use shapewear 

Make shapewear your best friend to help you enhance your body and hide away any flab by bringing out the shape of your body. Therefore, invest in premium shapewear to get the extra help that helps you look and feel better. So, once you decide you are wearing your body con to your next occasion. Use your shapewear as a style essential to get the look you are going for with no bulges. 

Do not wear flats 

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Most fashionistas advise that you avoid flats as you wear your body con as they downgrade your overall look. The body con dress is the epitome of glamour and to upgrade your look. Pair it with heels to not only make your silhouette appear slimmer but it elongates your frame. So, pick a high heel shoe that is the most comfortable, either a stiletto, or any high inch shoe you prefer. The added height will be for your benefit, and it will add a degree of confidence. Another good option is comfortable platforms and low wedges. 

Go for thicker fabrics 

Every time you purchase a body con dress, opt for thicker fabrics. Unlike flimsy materials, thicker fabrics will not cling to your body and exaggerate the wrong areas. Opt for one with thicker material that will not accentuate problem areas of your body. A dress with details like paneling and ribbed is a good option too. Not only will it add personality to your dress, but it will give it more structure and giving you an overall neat look. So opt for thicker fabrics to get that flattering look. 

Cinch the waist 

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Many women do not understand why cinching the waist in a bodycon dress that already seems figure-hugging should be helpful. However, when you feel this dress is revealing too much than you deem comfortable, cinching the waist will be helpful. Optionally, if you have no belt, wrapping a contrasting bandana in a myriad of patterns and colors at your waist is a unique style that will come in handy too. 

Minimize accessories

When it comes to wearing a body con dress, too many accessories are a big no-no. This is because the body con dress is the show stopper, and your accessories should complement it flawlessly. However, when you have so many accessories, it will make a mess of your outfit, making it look over the top. So, the best way to accessorize this dress is with dangling earrings and a simple clutch for a final elegant look. 

Select darker colors 

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As you style your body con dress keep in mind the shade of the dress. Color plays a vital role like any tip to flatter your figure with a body con dress. This is because dark colors are more flattering in comparison to lighter colors. Hence they will give you the confidence boost that you need. For instance, the classic little black dress is one that can never fail you. This is because it edgy, and it conceals all problem areas. 

Accentuate your best features

 Since a bodycon dress hugs you all over. It is best to flaunt your best assets. A strapless or halter neck will show off your enviable collarbones and toned shoulders. Wear a short dress to show off your beautiful long legs. Simply, to highlight what works best for you. So, buy few body con dresses to rock to various occasions as they are edgy, versatile, and bring out the best of you. Purchase one and flaunt it as confidence wins as well.