No doubt, woven baskets are quite popular in many homes, especially when it comes to decoration in bathrooms. You see, these baskets offer a great and appealing way to keep spare washcloths, general supplies, a hair dryer in the bathroom. 

Even better, you can store in one or two woven baskets with decorative items like glass fishing boats to give a thematic feel to the bathroom. This page explains what you can put in a woven basket in the bathroom for decoration.

A touch of glass

You can fill your woven basket with some colorful antique fishing floats of various sizes, colors, and shapes. This can bring a sea-inspired display that you can place on a shelf or wide countertop, but it should be out of reach of children.

These translucent orbs sometimes wash up on the beaches, though many of them can be wrapped in rope netting. You can find reproduction versions at many import stores, too. Once you acquire them, make sure to fill a small woven basket with this collection with the ones that were washed ashore. 

You can put a folded sand-colored towel at the bottom of the woven basket first to take up some space. Antique medicine bottles in emerald green, cobalt blue, and clear show nicely in a woven basket close to the window. But remember to illuminate them by shafts of sunlight coming from outdoors.

Shells and shores

You can also fill woven baskets with some shells like conchs as well as smaller scalloped pieces. Then add an apothecary jar or mansion jar in the basket to hold smaller shells, or colorful sea glass and layers of shells.

Driftwood tree roots or even pieces that have unusual shapes can also add a natural feel. Alternatively, you can pair them with glass or shells to have a complete ocean look. With large gemstones and polished fossils placed on top of folded washcloths or towels can display your favorite geographical discoveries. 

Ambient lighting 

You can display a jarred glass candle in a woven basket, that is surrounded by glass floral gems. This can add ambient lighting while having tub-time relaxing. Arrange a series of tealight or votive candles around a pillar candle that is inside a glass pan. This pan should fit well inside the woven basket so that you can enjoy it safely with a basket-based candle display.

When the glass pan is inside, make sure that you keep the frames away from the basket, windows, and fan breezes. You can also use battery-operated faux candles to get the same soft lighting so that there is no frame. Then you can fill the bottom of the woven basket with some battery-operated miniature fairy lights to give light to a small figurine. 

Seasonal finds

You can display finds for each season like seed pods, large pine cones, or fresh-picked flowers in a small vase. If your children also use the bathroom, let them display their favorite outdoor discoveries in a woven basket along with a couple of toys. 

Some small foam balls or even discs that are painted to look like peppermint candles can be great during the winter season. You can also display some miniature potted pine trees and line the woven basket with a plastic plant tray to catch dirt or water.