For most people in Australia, summertime is usually the best time of the year. After the horrible winter weather, most of us want to dress like normal people again. Expose our skins as much as we can and soak in the warm sunny days. Outdoor life is usually vibrant.

However, if you recently got a tattoo, you need to protect it from the harsh summer sun. Here are some easy and simple ways to take care of your tattoo in summer season.

Cover it up 

While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, some people don’t know that they need to always keep their tattoos covered during summer.  This is especially important if the tattoo is less than 4 weeks old. The best way to limit exposure to the sun is by wearing clothes that cover your tattoo. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate and bleach your tattoo making the colors fade. 

Do not tan in the sun

Summer is all about enjoying long days by the pool or beach while getting some tan. However, if you have a tattoo, you need to skip that bit. Try other tanning options such as spray tanning if you really have to. For your tattoo to always remain beautiful, this is a luxury you will need to forgo. 

Stay off the water

Avoid too much soaking in the pool, bathtub, ocean, etc. Overexposure to water that contains chemicals like pool water can cause abrasion and ruin your tattoo. Still, you don’t want to expose your sensitive skin to pool water that has been used by so many people.  It can easily destroy that tattoo you just paid for. When in the shower, make it quick and light. Do not let the water directly run over your tattoo and don’t scrub it.

Hydrate enough

Proper hydration is great for everyone during summers.  However, when you have a tattoo, it is much better. Apart from the usual health benefits, water will keep your skin well moisturized both inside and outside. This will ensure your tattoos keep lookingradiant.

Use good quality SPF

Before heading out, wear good sunscreen to protect your tattoo from the sun’s UV rays.  For new ink, avoid applying sunscreen directly to the tattoo. Direct exposure to the sun will dry up your skin and cause wrinkles, however, with sunscreen on, you will keep your skin moisturized and wrinkle-free. If you can’t imagine having a wrinkly tattoo, then wear your sunscreen when getting outdoors. It should always be SPF 30.

Take care of your nutrition

Consume foods that will help fight UV damage. Some foods such as carrots and bell peppers contain organic compounds that help rejuvenate damaged skin. Still, foods that contain a lot ofwater like pineapples and watermelons will keep you hydrated and help your skin remain vibrant. 


 If you have a new tattoo, it is important to give it enough time to heal properly by taking good care of it. The above tips should guide you to make the right decision when it comes to tattoo care in summer.