Your 30th birthday should be surrounded with happiness and excitement. Brewing the new chapter of your life, this birthday is a turn that takes you to an even more exciting journey. As you are approaching the big 30, this milestone birthday deserves to be a memory that embraces your coming life and makes the present even more delightful. It calls for a unique celebration.

But more than that it should be a treat to your senses, to yourself that gives you an excellent feeling of turning into a new and improved version of yourself. If you are overwhelmed with the ecstasy of turning 30, then relinquish all the guesswork and get into the celebration mode to embrace the moment. As a milestone moment, be ready to receive birthday flowers and unexpected, exciting moments.

 Here are a few fun ways to celebrate this milestone birthday.

These five fun ways to celebrate your 30th birthday should be a memorable time. This is the time that you try out all the adventurous things that you ever wished to do.

1. Skydiving 

Skydiving is a dream of many, and this is the time that you check off this from your bucket list. Go and explore the world from thousands of feet above the earth. Never has your birthday been this exciting, so let this time turn wild. Let yourself be at the top of the world. You are flying in the air, talking to the birds and reaching out for the clouds. See the world with the complete new birds-eye view and make this a lasting, eternal memory in your mind. 

2. Road trip

 If you are still thinking about relaxing mode to celebrate your 30th birthday, then a long road trip awaits you. You can plan a road trip with your close friends or a special love partner and explore the Highways, the mountains, the distant places that call you all the year-round. Of course, your work-life doesn’t allow you to escape into these places every time. But it’s your 30th birthday so it ought to be something different and exciting! So think not twice and jump into the car to book the day that offers is your bucket full of waves of laughter, awesomeness and amazement. 

3. Host a brunch or picnic

If you are a happy go lucky person and love to celebrate with many people around you, then a brunch party would be an ideal way to welcome a new chapter in your life. A birthday calls for a celebration that you host and invite your near and dear ones. Get prepared in advance, order fresh flowers and prepare a list of all the delicacies you would like to relish. Make them something different, try out new dishes, order the most expensive wine, and raise a toast to your happy life, close relationships, and confident personality. You could also contact a luxury picnic company to put together an amazing outdoor get together, whether you go with breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner!

Your 30th birthday is a type of treatment that you give to your tongue. Your taste buds are awaiting some fresh flavours of exotic wines. You can also do on a birthday to send your heart out planning a karaoke night at home.

4. Take a beer tour 

Get to the brewery in the afternoon. Your birthday should be all about tasting, learning and stimulating senses with some good and new flavours. Your brewery tour could be one of your ways to satisfy your craving and sneak peek into a world that offers you the best smack. There are plenty of wineries across the country that could make this day full of flavours. So grab a wine glass and let your tongue do all the work. sip your favourite wine sitting in the light ambience to cherish your me-time listen to your favourite music.

5. Escape room 

Teenagers love to solve mysteries and take on challenges. Your 30th birthday could be a chance to relive the teenager’s dreams. You can bring in some excitement and thrill with a classic escape room. Get along with the best friends in the 60-minute session to escape a locked room. This could give you a lifetime experience to enjoy the chills, fear and face the challenges.