People get injuries in slip and fall accidents every day. Our lawyers in Miami have seen enough cases of this category to gain a lot of valuable experience. This article highlights the way you may gain justice and a hefty compensation in a premises liability claim.

Premises liability law ensures that a property owner is held responsible for any slip and fall injuries on their property. To receive fair compensation, you need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were negligent, thus responsible for your injuries and pain.

To ensure a win in a slip and fall case, you must show;

  • The property owner was aware or should have been aware of the potential danger.
  • The property owner did nothing to remove the danger or keep you from harm.
  • You suffered injuries and physical harm due to the negligence of the property owner.

If you know what to do, and what mistakes to avoid, the chances of a successful and quick result in your favour increase dramatically. Proper preparation and a capable slip and fall attorney are the key to win.

Get Treatment

The first thing to do after an injury is to seek proper treatment immediately. Nothing matters more than your health. If there is a healthcare professional on hand, all the better. Otherwise, directly call 911.

Inspect the Scene of Accident

It would help if you pin-pointed the reason behind your slip and fall. See if the floor was slippery, damaged, or wet. See if the reason you fell was avoidable with diligence on the part of manager or owner.

Take Photographic Evidence

The jury is legally obligated to listen to the story of a victim. However, pictures or videos provide far more compelling evidence. Acquire the footage if the incident was caught in a security camera. If not, then you can take photos on your cellphone. Your attorney can help you sort out which evidence is substantial later.

Get the Incident Report

Request the manager or property owner to write a detailed and accurate incident report and give you a copy for the record. It will serve to counteract any attempts of denial from them later. This is important whether you are a customer or an employee, so that everything is documented. Your employer will hopefully be insured for these types of events; take for instance food service insurance at a restaurant.

Get Contact Information from all Witnesses

If there were people around during the accident, you need to get their contact information. It may prove useful in the court because witnesses are crucial in any judicial proceedings. Your attorney will vet these witnesses later and decide their credibility.

Get a Specialist Attorney

Liability cases have many categories. Most lawyers work hard to gain speciality in a few of these categories. You attorney must be an expert in your specific type of case. Make sure your attorney is sympathetic to your cause. Make a contract for a conditional payment with a new lawyer, i.e. you will pay only when you win.

Do not forget to ask your attorney an honest estimate for time and resources the case may take. Also, enquire about the sum are you likely to receive if you win.