Lots of individuals have issues related to tree stumps. They’ll certainly have to do something about their tree stumps after getting one or more trees removed themselves. However, the previous owners of a given house may not have removed all of the tree stumps on the land surrounding that particular¬†house. After moving into the new home, the new owners should have any remaining tree stumps removed completely. The old tree stump can make the entire lawn less healthy if it becomes a habitat for insects and other pests.¬†

Insect Problems 

Trees can certainly develop various insect infestation issues. However, these issues can be particularly severe when tree stumps are involved. A tree stump is dead, and won’t have any of the defenses that healthier, living plants have to help keep away pests and insects. 

In natural forested areas, insects will often use and consume dead wood. They’ll help to break it down, clearing the space and making it easier for newer trees to establish themselves. This basic process can still happen whenever a tree stump is present. It means that people may experience a lot of substantial issues with insects if the old tree stumps are still present. 

This is the sort of lawn care problem that gradually tends to worsen. Particularly damaging insects are drawn to wood that is already infested with insects. Those insects also will not necessarily just stay on the tree stump, even though the tree stump is what initially brought them there. Once they’re in someone’s yard, they’ll tend to look for other food sources.

The population of these insects should only start to increase from there, making it harder for people to get rid of the new insects when they have identified the threat. Residents will have additional outdoor problems to solve at that point. Calling the tree care professionals who can start and complete the tree stump removal process will stop all of those frustrating problems. People usually won’t miss the tree stumps when they’ve been officially removed. 

Reducing Obstacles 

A tree stump has few uses, but it can certainly interfere with many different important lawn maintenance procedures. People may have to work around the tree stump when they’re trying to mow the lawn. Depending on the size of the tree stump, people might accidentally trip over it on occasion. 

Anyone who is trying to do something new with an outdoor landscape will also need to work around any tree stump that’s still present. The tree stump itself won’t really work well as a natural part of any stylish landscape. However, it might stop people from effectively designing any of these landscapes. Even before people run into significant issues with insects, the tree stump itself may be a problem. 

The people who are getting ready to modify their outdoor landscapes may want to get a specific tree stump fully removed before they begin any other portion of that process. That entire outdoor space might instantly be much healthier and safer as a result.