Sydney is the bustling capital of the NSW (New South Wales) Territory. It is the most densely populated city in Australia with its robust economy, excellent school districts, safe neighbourhoods, and quality healthcare. Tourists also flock into this town to see the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. As such, you’ll find that a lot of businesses call this city home. The thriving local and tourist economy assures that companies always have a steady influx of customers and prospects. 

If you’re a business owner in Sydney, you need to beef up your marketing and promotions to beat your competition. Seeking help can truly help boost your brand. Today, you can no longer just rely on traditional advertising. People now hang out in the online world for many activities, including making Google queries or reading reviews when they’re looking for something. If you want to succeed and crush your competitors, you also need to work on your local SEO to assure that the clients nearest to you can become familiar with your brand. Consider these best hacks to help improve your local SEO game. 

Go Local During Researching Keywords

Most SEO campaigns begin with keyword research to identify the best ones for your niche. Unfortunately, since 2015, Google removed its location filter, so filtering results based on a city becomes more complex. Adding a location to a keyword will no longer suffice. You need to do one of the following to boost local SEO rankings:

  • Include a near parameter to the URL by adding “&near=cityname” to elicit results as if you’d search from that actual location. 
  • Utilise the “uule” parameter by appending each search with a base64 encoded form of a location called the “uule.”
  • Rely on software to target specific GPS coordinates. 

Once you’ve figured out the specific localised keywords, you can create content that includes it. Don’t forget to incorporate them into your anchor text, along with HTML tags. If all these seem complex, then get advice from reputable SEO Sydney services. 

Leverage Opportunities for Easy Link Building 

Link building ought to be a priority for local SEO because they make a huge impact. However, this practice takes time. Apart from curating valuable content that people truly want to click on, you must build relationships with influencers. You need to collaborate with other brands to ensure you can build a good reputation. If you want fast results, you need your links in other sites, such as:

  • Relevant local business web pages
  • Yelp and other online directories
  • Local press mentions
  • Affiliation with chambers of commerce and the like

If you are truly adamant about finding high-quality backlinks, you can find site owners and help fix broken links on their content. Look at high-ranking posts that are related to your industry. Then search for broken links. Later, you can let the site owner know and offer your website as a substitute. You help the site owner fix broken links and boost your own links at the same time. 

Work to Improve Google My Business Page

Finally, if you truly want to amplify your local SEO game, you need to work on your Google My Business page. It serves as a crucial ranking factor for local SEO ranking. Best of all, it is easy to optimise this aspect. You can do the following:

  • Claim the listing as yours
  • Verify the account
  • Update your business contact details
  • Include the correct store opening info
  • Ensure the category listings are right
  • Create a link back to your landing page
  • Include high-quality business images

After you’ve set up your Google My Business page, you can begin optimising it. Ask your customers to leave honest reviews. Additionally, you can also begin building citations for local listings. With this hack, you can generate more leads and increase conversion. Targeting the right prospects matter because they are the ones who are most likely to patronise your brand.