The Bright Siders duo is releasing their debut album this January, A Mind of Your Own.  This album is a collaboration by Kristin Andreassen, an acclaimed songwriter and musician, and Kari Groff, MD, a child psychologist. Available January 22, 2021, this album has a unique and positive focus. A Mind of Your Own covers topics like friendship, bullying, anger, acceptance of others, coping with sadness and change. While some of these deep feelings can be difficult, the lyrics offer positivity and a goal of resilience.

There are a variety of vocals on this album. Some of the guests include Ed Helms, The War and Treaty, Oh Pep!, The Hokes (a.k.a. Punch Brothers), Gaby Moreno, and more. I enjoyed hearing different voices and styles, and there are also children singing on the album.

The songs are positive and offer reassurance about relatable issues. My kids have experienced the kinds of things that come up in the lyrics, like bullying. The album is a great way for kids to feel understood and that they aren’t alone in these issues.

I think my favorite is “The Moon & The Stars & Me”. With a catchy, warm tune, it is such a nurturing song, and was inspired by a conversation Dr. Groff had with her daughter about being afraid of the dark.

You can see the live performance video here:

Also check out out “The Song About Songs” music video from the album:

What a great time for an album like “A Mind of Your Own”! Amidst a pandemic, we are all going through a hard time. It is nice to explore emotions and focus on validating our children’s feelings.

A Mind of Your Own is available January 22, 2020.

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