While we can find a lot of couples worldwide cancelling or postponing their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are others that are scaling down their plans, getting married in the comforts (and safety) of their home!

Plus, nothing says true love like weddings with a warm vibe. You get to save money, have your special ones gathered around, and celebrate the special event between you and your partner in a place you call home. 


However, we know how difficult it is to host a wedding at home, especially when you’ve invited many people for a special occasion! From logistics and parking down to food and entertainment, we’ve got you covered with this guide to hosting your wedding at home successfully!

A Guide to Hosting Your Wedding at Home

If you have always dreamed to have your wedding at home and want to be safe with a smaller and more intimate gathering, here are a few tips and ideas to make your wedding a special one:

  1. Manage All Logistical Challenges First

This is important, especially in smaller spaces. Make sure that all your vendors are on the same page and that everything is accounted for, from moving the decorations to the house down to what time your team should be around on the day itself. You wouldn’t want your place to be overcrowded if everyone comes at the same time, so schedule and plan out the logistics and how everything will be delivered before anything else.

  1. Do NOT Underestimate the Costs

Sure, you might think that it’s cheaper having the wedding at home because you save on location costs. However, it can be pricier when building the venue from scratch!

Take note that you’ll be renting a tent, generator for power, along with portable restrooms, chairs, tables, among other equipment to make your wedding look amazing and comfortable for everyone. Nowadays, you can easily find portable restroom trailer rentals Dallas or literally everywhere. So, prepare ahead and list down everything you need for the wedding, having an extra budget for just-in-cases.

  1. Get All the Required Permits

Cities and neighborhoods may require residents to obtain permits to have large gatherings in their homes. There are also local noise ordinances restricting how late homeowners can play loud music.

Make sure you check with your local area regarding the rules and regulations about having events in your home and get all the required permits to prevent the party from ending abruptly.

  1. Use the Entire Property and the Spaces with Special Meaning

Embrace both indoor and outdoor elements of your home, having a seamless flow around your home. You can do this by hosting different events in different areas, such as having the ceremony in the garden area, then cocktails by the poolside, and dinner in the house.

Furthermore, I recommend that you use all the spaces that have special meaning, which is also a great photo op. This can tell the story of the home and the couple, so when looking back, it will be filled with so much more meaning and nostalgia.

  1. Be Creative with Your Property

Embrace the uniqueness of your home, creating a beautiful ceremony backdrop and investing in décor that matches your theme. You can find wedding decorations online to make planning and decorating convenient, and also upgrading your garden a bit, having a focal point.  You can find lots of options for outdoor string lights and other accents that will make your space feel special.

I also recommend that you embrace any scenic vantage points, sharing beautiful spots in and out of your home with photographers and guests. That way, everyone will be able to take stunning photos!

  1. The Catering Situation

It’s not a wedding without great yummy and drinks to celebrate with afterward! It’s crucial to hire reputable caterers and bring the right equipment to put on a celebration in intimate settings. 

Besides knowing how many people are attending, the menu, and any special diets, Caterers need to know where the water, power, and light sources are for cooking and service. Know this information ahead so your chosen caterers will be able to work with the venue efficiently, preparing ahead to ensure that everyone gets their meals and drinks on time.

There are also some elements to food you can plan on your own. This could be anything from bulk foods to setting up a candy buffet. If the wedding is smaller in size, you can consider making some of the foods on your own, using chafing dishes and other serving dishes.

  1. Have a Plan B

You never know what can happen on the day itself! It can suddenly rain, so guests end up soaked or unable to dance on muddy grass! That’s why you need a tent and platform. 

You should also prepare ahead for hot or cold weather that can affect the equipment and staff, having an indoor area in case of inclement weather conditions. The same goes for when planning a wedding in any other area!

  1. Emphasize the Intimacy and Craft the Grand Exit

The best part about a home wedding is that you have a lot of intimacy. The entertainment should highlight the intimacy, along with other elements throughout the ceremony and reception. From your table layouts to personalizing the dinner menus, each part of the celebration can reflect your home’s familiarity and beauty.

And once the wedding is over, have the grand exit to a memorable event, leaving space open either in the front or back while lighting wedding sparklers for a smooth send-off. This is also another experience to capture and remember for years to come! It is also nice to get creative with wedding favors, to send off your guests with a memento of the special day.

Wrapping It Up

Hosting your wedding in your home or any owned private property has its appeal, and if it’s for you, then there are ways to make it happen! With enough time to prepare and the effort put in when planning, you can have the grand wedding you’ve always wanted, with the right people by your side. 

Hopefully, my guide to hosting your wedding at home helped you out and provided you ideas on how to make it a memorable celebration. So, if you’re planning to celebrate your special day at home, get started with the planning process with these tips in mind. Good luck and we wish you the best!

Do you have questions or want to share your own advice and experiences when hosting a wedding at home? Share them in the comments section below, I appreciate all of your thoughts and love hearing more stories!