Dubai, a paradise city with skyscraper buildings, relaxing and beautiful beaches, and happening festivals and exhibitions, invites people worldwide. Being a culturally diverse city, it serves famous cuisines from various nations and is an exciting tourist destination. 

However, amidst all the excitement for your trip and fancy preparations, do not forget to buy travel insurance for Dubai. To deal with mishaps and uncertain things that might come up during your trip, you need to be prepared in-advance to cut down your stress at that point in time. You can easily apply online to buy travel insurance for Dubai and be worry-free during your trip. 

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Find below five things you should not miss to make your trip hassle-free and worthwhile.

  1. Plan Your Trip from October-March

Hot and hotter are the two kinds of weathers Dubai experiences. To enjoy your trip, you should plan it anytime from October to March. It is the best time of the year to visit due to the pleasant weather. 

You can enjoy outings to open places and beaches comfortably without experiencing the scorching heat of the sun. Dubai is home to various open-space adventures like desert safari, sky diving, etc., for which pleasant weather is a must to enjoy. You’ll also get to experience different kinds of festivals that happen during this time of the year.

  1. Buy Travel Insurance for Dubai

Travel insurance is an essential document while you travel anywhere across the world. You may lose your luggage or any important document, suffer from a sudden ailment during your trip.  Thus, it would help to stay prepared in advance with the insurance. Travel Insurance for Dubai will provide end-to-end coverage throughout your journey. It usually includes:

  1. Compensation in case your trip gets delayed or canceled
  2. Lost Baggage
  3. Issuing of new or duplicate passport, in case it gets lost
  4. Medical cover up to Rs 5 Lakhs
  5. Compensation in case of bounced hotel or airline bookings
  1. Documents and Currency

It is advisable to have all your documents ready well in advance. In India, you can quickly get the visa within 3-4 working days from the day you apply. But, just to shield yourself from the arising uncertainties, process your visa at least a month before your trip. It will help if you carry your travel insurance for Dubai without any fail, along with your passport, medical documents, identification proof, etc.

Before starting your journey, you should have Dirhams (Dubai’s currency) ready so that you can pay for commute and food when you reach there.

  1. Be Careful About Alcohol Consumption

Intake of alcohol is not allowed in public. Dubai is also known for its nightlife apart from other major attractions, which should be experienced whenever you visit Dubai.

  1. Accommodation Research

In Dubai, you will find a range of hotels. You should research well before you choose any accommodation. If you have a strict budget, you can easily make adjustments to it by selecting low-cost accommodation. Instead, be secure with travel insurance in an unknown place.  You should not compromise your safety by not buying travel insurance for Dubai; it might cost you even a heavier amount if anything uncertain happens.  

Be Secure with Travel Insurance on Your Trip to Dubai

Trips offer a source of refreshment and help in re-energizing yourself. While traveling, you are vulnerable to various uncertainties that might arise, and you need to prepare for the same. Many reputable insurance companies like TATA AIG provide location-specific insurance, such as travel insurance for Dubai, to provide better services. Plus, to speed up the process in case of any emergency. Do not forget to sign up for one while planning your trip.

Travel safe, travel smart!