Before babies are born, they are super warm, cozy, and well covered in the womb. Being born gives them a different feeling and may result in the baby crying often since they are still trying to adapt to the new weather and out of the womb.

Luckily, a baby swaddle provides babies with almost the same comfortable and tight feeling in the womb and help the baby to remain calm and comfy. This makes them sleep for longer hours and soundly as well.

Baby newborn teething

Size of the swaddle blanket

Most people usually purchase baby swaddles blankets when the babies are born. Often parents especially when it is just their first baby usually go in for small swaddle blankets. You should consider buying a bigger swaddle that will continue to match the baby’s size as it grows. Some brands have resulted in creating adjustable swaddle blankets which is the best choice for newborn babies.

The material

Most baby’s swaddle blankets are made of soft, comfy, and raw cotton materials. Any other swaddle made with a different material is not the best though there are a few exceptions. The cotton-made is comfortable and soothing to babies making them sleep better. Muslin cotton is equally frequently used to make these swaddle blankets which is also an ideal choice. 

Some of the swaddle blankets come with breathing pores to prevent overheating which is superb for the baby’s comfort. Always read the labels on the swaddle before making any conclusion or you can do some research about the blanket before buying.

The design

The design of a swaddle blanket is more important than how fashionable it looks. You may be convinced to go in for an attractive design but considering its functionalities is more important than the looks. The best swaddle blankets allow babies to sleep with their hands in an upright manner which is the most comfortable way for them. They equally provide a well-defined waistline to hold the baby properly and must have enough space for the baby to turn especially when they are above six months.

Type of fastening

This may seem like a minor thing to consider but it is probably one of the most essential factors to take into consideration. The common fasteners we will find include zippers, Velcro, and tie strings with each having its advantages and disadvantages which is your decision to choose the best for your baby. 

Swaddling up your baby

Make sure to put these factors into consideration when choosing a swaddle for your baby. Also, make sure the swaddle is firm around the baby’s arms but loose around their hip area so they can turn freely. Do not go in for swaddles that cover the baby’s head, nose, or mouth.

Also, consider the temperature when it comes to the fabric choice to prevent the baby from overheating. Check their ears and necks to see if they are sweating because it may be too warm for them.

Put your baby in the swaddle just when it is time for them to sleep and not all day. If your baby can now roll over, it is time to stop swaddling them and preferably put them to sleep on their tummies.