We rely on our household appliances on a daily basis. But we often overlook the fact that we need to make sure that we are performing regular maintenance on those appliances. Good maintenance extends the life of your appliances and ensures that they will be performing more efficiently. If you are experiencing issues that need to be checked out, make sure you call a professional service like appliance repair Brampton.

Heating & Cooling System

Make sure that you regularly replace the air filters in your heating and cooling system. Not only is this a health issue that effects the air quality in your home, but a dirty air filters restrict air flow, reducing efficiency. To keep track of air filter changes, mark it on your calendar, create reminders, or use an air filter subscription service.


Keep the coils and vent areas clean on your refrigerator, which can be on the front and/or back.

Washing machine

When using your washing machine, make sure you use the right type of detergent and that you are using the correct amount. When the laundry cycle is done, avoid leaving laundry to sit. Try to leave the door or lid open between cycles to avoid mold growth. You can also run a cleaning cycle in between washes, using a washing machine cleaner.


Make sure you clean out your dryer exhaust on a regular basis. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it is important so that you avoid causing a fire due to a build up of dryer lint.


Regularly clean out your dishwasher, making sure to remove any food or other debris that collects in the filter. Check the racks for wear and tear or rusty spots, repairing as needed. You can also run a cleaning cycle on a regular basis.