Christmas trees are now associated with the holiday all over the world, did you know that the tradition originated quite recently, back in the 16th century in Germany. However, the tradition of decorating trees or evergreen boughs date back to ancient Rome and Egypt!

The primary reason is because in the cold and dark winter months, decorating beautiful, evergreen trees keeps people happy and reminds people that after the cold and dark winter, green trees will once again bloom.

Though Christmas 2020 is a thing of the past, many of us are already looking forward to Christmas 2021. Whether that means saving up for a big gift, investing in some new ornaments like hand mane Christmas decorations, or anything in between, there is a lot to be excited for! 

If you are looking for some new ideas on how to decorate your tree next year, let’s break down the most common types of hand made Christmas ornaments.

Ball ornaments

Without a doubt, the most common type of Christmas tree ornaments is the classic Christmas ball ornament. These ornaments can be made from a large range of different materials. The most common include metal, glass or plastic. Beyond that, Christmas ball ornaments can be solid colored, multi-colored, hand-painted or even made of hand-blown glass. Ball ornaments are a great way to decorate the majority of your tree, while you allow your more personalized ornaments to take centerstage. 

Shaped ornaments

These are most often made of glass, plastic or lightweight metal and are often quite shiny and shaped like festive and holiday-related items such as bells, snowflakes, reindeers, trees and so much more. Shaped ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and are quite affordable and simply too expensive and ornate. Just make sure that if you are going to invest in some shaped ornaments that you follow instructions on how to safely hang and store them so that you do not accidentally break them! 

DIY Christmas ornaments

One of the most fun ways to celebrate the holiday seasons is to cover your dining room table with arts and crafts material and get busy on making some DIY ornaments on your own, like these DIY seashell ornaments. Not only is this super fun for you, it’s going to be even more fun for your young kids! Make a day out of it and make some ornaments and some fresh-baked cookies and then finish the day up by watching a classic Christmas film. What you may end is that these DIY ornaments will only become more and more cherished by you and your family as your kids grow up. Not only will it create some wonderful memories, it will also make your Christmas tree look truly special and unique. 

Novelty ornaments

There are a lot of ornaments that you can get that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. There are ornaments that are stuffed animals with catnip so your cat will fall in love with it, ornaments that will play music with the push of a button, or personalized christmas ornaments bulk.

Overall, all of these options are great and you can mix and match to make your Christmas tree special and unique!