A beautiful smile conquers the hearts of many people. It also boosts self-confidence among individuals. Sad to say, not everyone is blessed with a glistening smile. Some people may be shy to smile because of discolored or misaligned dental. What many people don’t know is that disorders such as misaligned dental can be corrected. Specialists use metal bracelets and Invisalign to treat the problem. 

Invisalign is the latest teeth straightening method. It involves manufacturing special aligners for a visiting patient. Invisalign orthodontists in Los Angeles recommend this set of trays for patients because they offer the best results compared to metal braces. With continuous use, Invisalign slowly moves the patient’s teeth in their desired positions. 

Here are seven advantages of Invisalign over other methods of teeth alignment. 

  1. Invisible

Invisaligns are totally clear. They don’t interfere with the appearance of your face or smile. They are, therefore, ideal for adults and teenagers who dislike the features of most traditional bracelets. 

  1. Comfortable

The material used to make Invisalign is smooth. This makes them comfortable to wear in the mouth compared to metal braces. Invisalign orthodontists customize the trays to fit their patients’ mouths. They don’t have any sharp protruding edges. 

  1. Time Savers

Invisalign only takes a little time to maintain. Patients may only visit an orthodontist once in 6 weeks for a checkup. Traditional braces require more time and frequent appointments with an orthodontist to maintain.

  1. Safe to Use

Metal bracelets can be dangerous to use in sports activities. They can cause scrapes in the mouth. The soft material used to design Invisalign makes them safer to use, even in outdoor activities. They can also be removed when the patient needs to eat and brush teeth. 

  1. Improved Hygiene

Invisalign can be removed to clean the teeth. After the cleaning, they can be worn back. The trays can also be washed with a toothbrush to remove congestion of dirt. As much as straightening the teeth is important, the benefits of having a clean mouth should not be ignored. 

  1. Dental Health Enhancers

Straight teeth keep the gums healthy. Treating crowded or scattered teeth makes the cleaning of the mouth easier. Good dental health boosts confidence among friends and guarantees self-esteem in important events.

  1. Eat the Best Meals

During a teeth straightening process, orthodontists restrict patients from eating particular meals. Meals such as beef and other sticky foods can fall under the limit. The limits don’t apply to Invisalign users. The plastic trays can be removed during favorite meal times and worn back after. Patients can drink or eat anything. For adults with special diets, no changes need to be made.


These are the 7 advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces. It is the best modern way of reshaping dental alignment. It is safe to use, comfortable in the mouth, washable, easy to maintain and doesn’t need regular appointments with an orthodontist to adjust. Alternatively, you can also visit advanced-smiles.com/freeburg-il for more information on Invisalign and its procedures.