If you’re tying the knot and looking for fresh, unique ideas for wedding bouquets, the aisle flowers, or perhaps the centerpiece, then you’re on the right page!

Nobody wants a forgettable wedding day where everything is a rehash of the last wedding everyone has attended. Wedding flowers is one way to stand out from the rest, create a memorable wedding, and maybe even become the talk-of-the-town wedding. 

That being said, below are nine wedding flower ideas to help you keep inspired, spark your imagination, and unleash your creativity. 

  1. Smaller Manicured Bouquets or Oversized Bridal Bouquets

Challenges associated with Covid-19 and bringing together people for gatherings started a trend of smaller gatherings, but couples planning their weddings will either go big or small, and this choice will likely spill to other aspects of their wedding. 

In addition to a smaller manicured bridal bouquet, oversized bouquets will also be a popular choice for most brides. If you’ve been admiring oversized bridal bouquets since you started planning for your wedding, don’t worry, that trend will continue next year. But if you want to go small and keep the wedding simple yet elegant, go for smaller bouquets. 

Professional wedding florists confirm a trend for smaller bouquets, and you’ll likely see more of that next year.  

  1. Themed Wedding Flowers That Symbolize Gratitude

This pandemic has brought a lot of realizations to many people. For couples who want to start their new life together next year, why not go for a gratitude theme using flowers that symbolize gratitude? You can also get your wedding flowers framed, in a beautiful and unique way to show off a wedding photo or memento and make it even more special.

You can hang a note in your bridesmaids’ bouquets explaining why you chose that flower. Also, you may put a small cardholder beside your centerpiece flowers with a note of things that you’re most grateful for during the past year.  

  1. Potted Flowers or Herbs and Greenery as Favors for Your Guests

Potted plants and flowers as favors can be very unique. If you’re feeling up to it and want to add a very personalized touch, you can also grow them yourself months ahead of your wedding. If you don’t have a green thumb and prefer to order them instead, make sure you choose a florist with a flower delivery service as it can be hard to transport potted plants. 

For instance, the soil may get on the seat or the whole thing may fall on the floor and get damaged. However, florists have proper containers for transporting flowers. They also know the best conditions needed to transport flowers.

  1. Wearable Blooms for You and Your Bridesmaids

Want a unique way of displaying your wedding flower choices? Wear them; accessorize your hair with flowers. 

Did you know that just like diamonds, flowers can make a girl happy, too? So, don’t be afraid to use flowers like you would wear a piece of jewelry. You can ask your florist to make a matching flower necklace and bracelet for your bridesmaids, too!

  1. Dried Blooms and Foliage for That Unique, Rustic Effect

Dried blooms and foliage are very popular these days since they give that unique vibes because they’re different. 

If you’re going for a rustic feel for your wedding, choose dried wildflowers and foliage for flower decors or even for bouquets. 

  1. Pastel Shade Bouquets for Romantic Wedding Vibes

Pastel colors create romantic wedding vibes. If you’re a bit adventurous, you can also try a wedding dress in pastels. 

  1. Edible Flowers for a Fun and Quirky Wedding Theme

Don’t limit your edible flowers to your cake. Make edibles a part of your décor, too! Put edible flower centerpieces that everyone can admire and eat. Your guests will be staying on their tables for most of the wedding, hence why not make it a delicious stay?

  1. Flower Table Runners to Set the Theme of Your Wedding

If edible flowers for your centerpiece is not your thing but you still want beautiful flowers for your guest tables, try flower table runners. Instead of plain old table runners with the fabric touching the floor, cascading flowers from the table can add a wistful air to your wedding.

  1. Flower Wall as Backdrop for Beautiful Reception Photos

Who says you can only have one backdrop? Set up a backdrop of beautiful fresh flowers not just on the stage but also on every nook and cranny of your venue. 

The good thing about having as many wall backdrops as you like is that your guests can all enjoy them, too. As a suggestion, you can create a wall of flowers with floral letters in the middle for your initials or the date of your wedding.

Be creative and have fun planning your wedding! Don’t let the pandemic stop you from creating the wedding of your dreams!