Have you come to the conclusion that enough is enough, that your bathroom has now outlived its lifespan and it’s time for a complete remodel project this year? Bathroom renovations are actually a very popular project with homeowners, as they tend to show their age and wear faster than some of the other rooms in the house. Also, they are often a bone of contention with homeowners that complain they don’t have enough storage space, organization or style in the room.

Bath tub

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips that will ensure you’re able to plan a flawless bathroom remodel project that garners stylish and trendy results.

Start by Planning a Budget

No matter what sort of remodel or renovation project you are planning for, it should always begin with a budget. This is your chance to think about what you feel comfortable spending, and then make a commitment not to go over that set amount. The good thing about home renovations is that you can make an impact no matter what your budget is; it just comes down to planning, material choices, and the scope of the project.

Make sure that once the project gets started, you are also tracking the budget, as this is the only way you’ll stay on track.

Create a Layout that Works for Your Lifestyle

The next step is to work on the layout of the bathroom. Perhaps you’ve decided to keep everything where it is to save on costs and the timeline, or maybe you are completely re-configuring the entire room.

Modernize the Space with a New Sink Vanity

If you’re looking to make an impact, then a brand-new sink vanity is a must have. Whether or not you need a new vanity, it can change everything about the feel of the bathroom. This will instantly modernize the space and completely transform the design. This is also an opportunity to choose a different size or shape vanity that works better in the space, and a material that is more luxurious.

Because there will be some plumbing involved with installing the new sink vanity, it’s wise to look into local plumbing companies that can get the job done properly, such as St. Louis City-based Maplewood Plumbing and Sewer LLC. Plumbing can be tricky and it’s not something you want to risk making a mistake with. The last thing homeowners want to deal with is a water leak.

Update the Shower and/or Bath for a Fresh Clean Look

Of course, you don’t have to change the bath or shower, themselves, to update the look of your bathing area. A change in your wall decor, away from tiles and towards options like waterproof shower panels can offer a lot more than just aesthetic changes. You can update the look while giving your a much lower maintenance shower area to go with it.

Décor Touches Will Finish Off the Space

Just like with any other room in the house, the décor touches are what will finish off the room and bring the design vision together. These are such things as the towels, light fixtures, hardware, faucets, and any artwork you may hang in the room.

Following each of these tips will help you to plan the perfect bathroom renovation project.