Let’s suppose you finally decide to get out of your comfort zone and book a class to practice Naked Yoga this weekend – only to find yourself utterly shocked. 

So, what exactly is the Naked Yoga? As the word suggests, it is a type of asana that involves you stretching (and some!) in your nude bodysuit before strangers! But, before you proceed to completely sexualize or objectify the whole practice for your social media, we would like you to understand everything there is to Naked Yoga

To prepare you for the unexpected – apart from the ‘naked’ part that is understood – we would like to mention 4 facts that we believe are enough to get you started.

  1. Naked Yoga Is More than Getting Nude

The whole point of Naked Yoga is to make you feel comfortable in your skin yet completely natural. Cellulite, stretch marks, muffin tops – you name it and show it. The best part about the Naked Yoga is how this asana helps people see the human body as an entity rather than an object for gratification or desire – and we are all up for that! Sure, all eyes will be on you, but in the non-creepy sense. Soon enough, you will realize how the Naked Yoga takes your body to a pedestal by helping you shed the last piece of your clothing to feel utterly relaxed. 

  1. Literally Everyone Is Naked Around You

So, the moment you step into the yoga studio, do not make the mistake of inquiring about the restroom to change. You are going to strip while you are on your yoga mat – just like everyone else. You might feel a chill on your shoulders as you take the last piece of clothing off, but we assure you it is only a momentarily feeling and will go away soon. Everywhere you look around, you might find yourself being surrounded by anatomical masterpieces just dangling there. 

  1. You Can Feel the Burn

Ten minutes into the asana, you will feel a slight chill in the atmosphere. Whether it is from the eyes surrounding your not-so-perfect body or the sweat that is trickling down your spine – the chill is there to stay. But as soon as you realize that getting out of your comfort level is actually comfortable, you will be stretching like a cat in no time! With no yoga pants or spandex hugging your deepest curves, you will retort to utmost flexibility and feel the burn like a pro!

  1. You Will Fall in Love – With Your Body

The Naked Yoga helps you to love your body with all of its imperfections and flaws. You learn to love every lopsided curve, scar, acne and stretch mark without feeling afraid or exposed. You realize how your body is perfect – even if it does not meet society’s conventional standards. You realize you are special in your own way and return home loving your body and most importantly, your soul for staying put all this while.

Did you know there is a type of yoga that openly welcomes the use of cannabis for relaxation and meditation? Well, wait till you unravel the Naked Yoga – only to feel proud of flaunting your naked assets!