DIY Spider Egg Sac

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We love Halloween decorations, and we usually include lots of spiders in our decorations, so last year we made our own spider egg sac.  It got more comments than all the other spider decorations combined – so I would say it is a success!

This is a super easy craft, and I was really pleased with the results.  As a mom of two girls, we have lots of leftover white tights from ballet class, so it was fun to be able to upcycle those! And if the tights look a little scuffed up, even better!

What you need:

White tights

– Round object and something to wrap it with

– Plastic spiders (you can usually find a decent size bag of spiders for cheap)

– Hot glue gun

How to make your egg sac:

I found some tutorials that called for a foam ball, but I wanted to use something heavier.  A heavier ball pulls down the egg sac so it stretches down and looks heavy and more shaped like a tear-drop, instead of using something light and looking just like a ball stuffed inside.  I used some rocks, and then wrapped them in stuffing as well as the other leg of the tights, just in the event that the egg sac fell or someone bumped into it (like if we had kids or trick-or-treaters fooling around).  You could use a rock, baseball, etc. and wrap it in stuffing, cloth, etc.  I also liked that by wrapping a heavier item with cloth and stuffing, I got a slightly lumpy effect.. after all, you want that sac to appear like it is bursting with spiders!

Once your ball is prepared, cut a leg off your white tights and place the ball in the toe area.  If the foot area is too dirty or you don’t like the seam, you could knot the top of the thigh and then turn the tights inside out.

Once the ball is to your liking as far as size/shape/weight, you are ready for the spiders!

DIY Spider Egg Sac

I used a hot glue gun for this part, and put more spiders on the bottom of the egg sac, thinning out the number of spiders as I worked my way up to the top.

DIY Spider Egg Sac

At the top of the tights, I simply made a knot and actually just hung this from a hook on our covered porch (so you don’t see the knot), but you could pin or hang it however works best for you.

We worked this into our spider theme, with spiders climbing our house, and people thought it was so gross.. success!