It’s fun designing your own creations without the help of an expert. However, you need the right power tools to work on your projects since some of them aren’t necessary. In this post, we will show you 7 creative tools for DIY projects. -Moreover, if you are looking for purchase guides on the best power tools for your needs, just head over to BestOfMachinery. They ensure to provide the best information for all your DIY needs.

7 Creative Tools for DIY Projects

DIY projects can save you money if your toolbox is well-stocked.  Fortunately, you don’t need to fill it with many tools. Here are the tools that will allow you to work on your DIY projects as well as your home and other basic repairs.

Band Saw

Band saws allow you to perform different projects such as creating a sitting bench or a toy car in your woodshop. This saw also makes cuts that other saw types cannot and is an ideal option for cautious woodworkers because you don’t have to worry about kickbacks when using it (like you do on a table saw). 

What’s more, it runs quietly during operation, making it a great addition to your woodshop if it’s located in a quiet place. 


Lack of product availability and the need for customization are some of the things that motivate DIY projects. Fortunately, a jigsaw allows you to express your creativity and develop a unique product. You can also cut curves and make different shapes into your preferred material.

The good thing about jigsaws is that they cut precisely and quickly. So, you can cut a curve into a metal or the letters of a city into the wood. The tool is also one of the most versatile devices you should have and is lightweight.


Most DIY projects that are dedicated to quality outcomes require a sander. An electric sander is a good option because it’s easy to operate. You can use it to sand small wood pieces into a smooth finish.

If you are smoothening larger surfaces, use belt sanders. Orbital finishing sander is another excellent choice as it is perfect for beginner woodworkers. You can also use it to smoothen flat surfaces to edges.

Tape Measure

Precise measurements are essential in DIY projects. That’s why you need a quality tape to measure the area you want to fit a new machine or hang a photo in the right position. If you are a beginner, a 25 feet long tape measure is ideal.

Cordless Drill

This tool uses batteries to allow you to bore any material. A cordless drill also saves you time when connecting materials together and eliminates the need to use screwdrivers. With this tool, you can attach screws and drill holes.

Circular Saw

A circular saw gives you clean, quality cuts. It rotates, enabling you to cut straight lines. Although the saw is noisy during use, it prevents uneven crosscuts and wood splintering. Since circular saws vary depending on power and size, you should pick the right saw for your project needs.


If you want to nail a photo to the wall or attach together two wood pieces, you need a hammer. However, you need to buy the right hammer depending on your projects since different types are available including:

Double Head Hammers

These hammers have whacking heads and are perfect for heavy-duty jobs like nailing large bolts into metals. They are also an excellent choice for construction sites.

Claw Hammers

These hammers have a small head for clobbering nails. You can also use them to remove nails from wood and other different materials. 

Demolition Hammers

If you want to remodel your apartment, opt for these hammers because they are good at bringing down houses and walls.


The above tools will allow you to work on your DIY projects effortlessly and design beautiful products. However, remember to keep building your DIY skills since it’s not enough to stock your woodshop with power tools.