We recently visited some Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy preserves in the Delmar area, including the Phillipin Kill. This property borders the Mansions apartment complex, and design to offset impacts to the wetland areas.

We used Google Maps to find the preserve.

We initially went into the wrong parking lot, but the Preserve is further up Fisher Boulevard (from Delaware Ave) where there is an office building. Turn on to Mansion Blvd and make your way to the marked parking spots for the preserve.

According to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, “Visitors to the Phillipin Kill are allowed to use the Mansions Apartment parking lot adjacent to the preserve.”

The trail map also shows the coordinates for the preserve parking. (See the full map here).

There is a kiosk at the trailhead.

The trails were covered in leaves, but there were plenty of trail markers on the trees to guide us.

The trail is short – only about 1/2 mile.

The trail does pass over a ridge, but it was not particularly strenuous. I would say it is easy enough for young kids to handle.

This is an easy hike and was a lovely place to visit this fall.

This is a Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy Preserve, which is very close to two of their other preserves, the Touhey Family Preserve and the Swift Wetland. We did all three in an afternoon, as they are all short, easy hikes.

Visit the Phillipin Kill Preserve website at:


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