Kids love to use their hands, and there are a few things that they would find interesting. Woodworking is one of these activities because they love to use their imagination.  As parents, you can help them build their creative talent by spending quality time with them to build interesting objects.  Woodworking is a positive learning experience, and also a great way to spend bonding time.

Woodworking Shop Tools

Since they are not professionals, you may want to start with the little projects – something they can build and won’t take time. If you give them complex woodwork projects, they could lose interest in it. Woodworking is fun, and there are many online resources for beginner woodworking projects, but we have compiled a simplified list that you can start with your kids.


A toy catapult is one of the favorite toys of little kids, and they can easily learn to build one by themselves. Catapults will capture their attention because they will be fascinated as they swing the ball through the air. You can show them how to make a simple catapult and one of the right size for your kids.

Kid’s Workbench

It’s another simple and straightforward woodworking task. They can learn to put wood together to make a comfortable bench which they can sit on. Teaching them to build a workbench shows them that they can make useful things for themselves. They will have a place to gather their tools, and it makes them feel responsible. Most kids admire their parents and try to copy them. If they see you on your work desk, they would probably want one for themselves.

Wooden Robot Friend

Just as much as kids love their teddy bears and dolls, you will be surprised just how much they find a robot fascinating. They will be happy to build one especially, to show it off to their friends. You can help them build a wooden robot and even encourage them to give it a name. Allow them to use their imagination, putting unique touches on the robot. 

Bird House

Among the list of things to build with wood, a birdhouse will be perfect if you plan on getting a bird as a pet. Your little one will want to make a comfortable home for this beautiful feathered friend. It is an interesting project and one that they would find helpful for their pet as well. You can look for templates online to guide you on how to build a birdhouse. And even if you don’t have a pet bird, just placing it in your backyard may attract some birds from your area.

Wooden Planter

A wooden planter is a very easy woodworking project. It is also a great idea to help your kids build little planters to make a beautiful garden. This can be done during their long summer holiday. You can start with simple designs joining wood together, and as they improve their woodworking skills, you can move on to more complex designs. With this project, you can also teach your kid how to plant beautiful vegetables in the garden. They will have a lot to share with their class when they get back to school.