It is usually bad weather that keeps your kids in and prevents them from expending their boundless energy. In addition, the pandemic forced us to stay protected indoors even during great weather. It is easy for your toddler to get frustrated as a result of being cooped indoors.

Young children have attention span that does not last through many stories and books. You need to find an activity that’ll keep them busy over a longer period – something that is relaxing as well as fun. 

To help toddlers and parents, we have come out with a list of 7 highly entertaining activities for toddlers at home that will rival even the best power wheels toys when it comes to the fun quotient!

  1. Building a cave or a den

So many kids enjoy making a den and playing in it. Their imaginations run wild with this activity. From planning the build to the gathering of materials, they just love it. You can use pillows and sheets to cover a table or a piece of furniture to make a cave or a den. 

You can make a spacious den with four chairs covered with a bed sheet or a blanket. You can add in some cushions and furry dolls for added comfort. This is a perfect way to stimulate their interest and keep them engaged over a long afternoon. You can also find indoor tents that you can set up for kids to make a private hideout.

  1. Kids gym

You can transform your living room or bedroom into a kid’s gym. There are lots of options for creating a gym at home, including putting together an indoor gym.

Other options could be putting together a homemade obstacle course. You can put a trail of paper sheets on the floor for your kids to walk on without touching anything. 

You can stack up soft mattresses on the floor for them to jump on, or use gymnastics mats. Older kids can try gymnastics and somersaults on them. It is a great way to burn their excess energy and keep fit while being cooped in.

  1. Celebrate birthdays for their toys

This is a great way to cheer up a child who is not feeling well. A small tea party gives them a list of things to do and keep occupied, and it usually only requires things that you already have at home and some imagination. You can let your child’s creativity dictate how big she wants it to be. 

This can be a pretend tea party, to a big party with music, balloons, treats, and party games. You can even invite some of your kid’s friends to join in. This will give an endless amount of fun to your toddler.  

  1. Spider web challenge

A great way to engage your kid, all you have to do is to make a web out of sticky tape on your doorway. You can then make paper balls out of a newspaper and ask your kid to throw it at the sticky web. It will be fun to see it sticks or not. It is a super indoor activity for gross motor practice. Your kid will have loads of fun with it.

  1. Treasure hunt

Make a map of your house and hide small items. Each hidden item should be marked on the map. For older kids, you could make word cards as clues to the hiding place. For example- “I am cold and you can make ice in me”, for denoting your fridge. Kids will love this combination of a quiz and a hunt. 

  1. Create a roadway in your house

You can use some tape and make roads all over the carpet. You let your toddler think up how and where they will connect up. They can also decide on what sights they can add on the way. This fun-filled exercise will let their imagination run riot. 

  1. Play balloon hockey

This is a great activity, especially for younger children. All you have to do is blow up some balloons, create a goal post, and try to score goals with it using a fly swatter. You need not blow up the balloons fully (it will keep them small and prevent them from bursting and scaring the child). 

Your kid can also try hitting it up on the air and see how long he can keep it from touching the ground. You can make it harder by letting him try to keep two balloons in the air at once.

Some parting thoughts

The above activities can be scaled up or down depending on the age of your child. You will make it more interesting for your children if you participate along with them. Use your imagination to add a twist to the activity so that repetition does not get boring. Lastly, ensure safety at all times. Kids tend to get overexcited at times and need to be supervised at all times.