Norway is a Scandinavian country that is sparsely populated. A land of outstanding beauty, Norway is known for its beauty, picturesque scenery, wild and untamed landscapes, and the unique phenomenon called ‘aurora Borealis’ or the northern lights and the midnight sun (during summers). This country features mountains, hills and valleys, waterfalls and a long coastline with fjords and islands. Norway is a shelter to a rich biodiversity and was deemed to be the world’s top tourist attraction by the National Geographic. 

Norway is 60 percent covered with mountains and forests which are up to 5 km, thus majority of this area is covered with rocky wilderness, hence converted into national parks. The country’s fresh air and clean environment will let you feel at one with all of the pristine wilderness around you. 

There is always a unique sensation being one with nature, that attracts the travelers to visit again and again. many travelers visit here all year round. if you are also planning for a hiking or an adventurous trip. you must visit any of the national parks. However, it is the best time to start planning now. One of the most preferred ways by travelers to reach these places.

Check out the list of some of the best national parks in Norway that you must visit.

  • Folgefonna National Park

Located on Folgefonna peninsula, Folgefonna National Park has incredible natural wonders that allures and delight visitors all over the world. The park has three huge dominating glaciers that can possibly reach up to 400 meters in thickness and has a lush green wilderness in summer. The gushing of rivers rushing down the mountains to the sea will give you a glimpse of paradise with its absolute beauty. The Folgefonna National Park is must visit park that will give you memories of a life time.

  • Jostedalsbreen National Park

Established in 1991, Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to the largest glacier in mainland Europe. The rocky gray mountains with peaks covered with snow and crystal clear water beneath the passage between the clear blue sky will make your heart ache with the beauty of the atmosphere of this splendid park. Hiking in this park will let you explore the lush green valleys, sun capped peaks of the mountains and the endless array of the amazing views that is perfect for travels that wants to collect thought while enjoying earth’s natural beauty.

  • Jotunheimen National Park

With a height of 1900 meters and home to 250 peaks, the Jotunheimen National Park is surrounded by the glacier terrains. One of the most popular national parks in Norway and has a plethora of unbelievable sights just waiting to be discovered. The parks striking features are the snow-capped pinnacles glinting in the sun, turquoise lakes that fill the ravines and the waterfalls and rivers that gushes on their way down the steep mountainsides. The combination of the park’s feature creates a pleasant scenery and atmosphere that will surely captivate anyone’s heart and will leave them wanting more of this park’s beauty. 

  • Femundsmarka National Park

Femundsmarka National Park is known to be unspoilt and untouched preserving the sprawling wilderness, endless lakes and waterways.  Femundsmarka National Park’s marshes and lakes give serenity and tranquillity and almost begs to be explored. Kayaking has been made available in the lake in order of the tourist to bask in the park’s peaceful ambiance and bewitching beauty.

  • Forlandet National Park

Forlandet National Park was established on June 1, 1973 situated right on the west coast of the Svalbard archipelago. Its striking features are awe-inspiring alpine mountains and colossal glaciers where get lost in thought, trying to take in every last detail of this magnificent natural realm. This park also shelters, stone seals and guillemots and offers boat trip to further enjoy the park and the island of Prins Karls Forland.

  • Sor-Spitsbergen National Park

Situated at the southern end of Spitsbergen Island in the Svalbard archipelago, Sor-Spitsbergen National Park is a huge national park consists mainly of sprawling, interminable ice caps and glaciers creating a panoramic view of the whole surrounding. With sprawling ices that almost covers the entire park, Sor-Spitsbergen National Park still has some vegetation and almost endless white wilderness giving the parks some landscape variation that is eye pleasing. This park is the habitat to different species of birds and has ice covered mountains and cliffs, forming a backdrop to this picture-perfect landscape. 

  • Hardangervidda National Park

 With its area of 3000 square kilometers, Hardangervidda National Park is the largest national park in the country. This expansive park is has multiple attractions and activities that you can indulge while exploring and observing the wilderness of the gigantic mountain plateaus. Activities offers in this park are hiking, cycling, horseback riding and canoeing or kayaking, all done to enjoying its awe inspiring scenery of the park.

  • Rondane National park.

The Rondane National park features 10 peak towers over the height of 2000 m and less icy and has more vegetation compare to other national parks in Norway. It has indomitable mountains, plateaus and lofty peaks surrounded by tall trees and lush grasses. The Rondane National park is a perfect place to hike with its rolling valleys, small canyons, and low-lying forest and scrubland, hikers will surely come back to catch another glimpse of the stunning scenery of Rondane National Park

  • Breheimen National Park

Established in 2009, Breheimen National Park is known for its versatility, well-marked trails, ever-changing scenery, and a plethora of spectacular views for the tourists to witness. This park is named after the Breheimen mountain range that surrounds this park. Bremen offers adventurous activities like Hiking, skiing, trekking, and mountaineering where its natural beauty will leave you with a new sense of admiration for the country.

  • Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella National Park

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella is a newly established park, created to protect and preserve the pristine alpine ecosystem in the year 2002. This national park is a perfect place to collect thoughts, reverence, and be one with nature. The mountains make this park a good place for trekking where you can explore the abundance of fauna and flora, wildlife, and Amotan Waterfall. Snohetta is the highest peak of the park, 2200 meters high is a good place to observe the scenery of the entire park. 

Last words

There isn’t any higher way to look at Norway’s natural wonders than to visit considered one of its countrywide parks. Whether you’re looking for a wild adventure or hiking trip, these parks are perfect to visit. Which one do you want to explore?