It can be hard sometimes to feel pretty when the body is getting bigger. Your favorite jeans no longer fit you. Your usual clothes may need to be set aside because they no longer fit you. But even though you are pregnant, you still want to look your best. In this article, you will be given a few tips to look stylish during your pregnancy.

When you are in the stage of pregnancy, you obviously do not want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothing. Because the child’s stuff alone would cost you much.

So, you can check on your wardrobe for items that you can wear throughout the trimesters. You can go for these if they are in your wardrobe: 

  • Long Sweater Dress
  • Knitted Pencil Skirt
  • Pleated Skirt
  • Paper Bag Pants
  • Peplum Tops
  • Swing Dress
  • Loose Fit Blouse

Tips for a Stylish Look During Pregnancy

These are fashion tips for pregnant women like you:

Do not wear too many layers

Too much layering can make yourself look like you are an extra few pounds heavier. You will look like chunkier than normal. When you’re expecting, you can extremely feel warm indoor. So, keep you layers to the least.

Fitted silhouette for an accent

If you feel like showing off your new curves, a fitted silhouette is recommended. Not only does it emphasize your femineity. It also makes your looks slimmer and chicer. 

Peplum to hide the bump

In your early pregnancy days, if you don’t want people to notice yet, you can wear a peplum to hide the bump away. Peplums camouflage the bump. Also, they look cute when paired with maternity jeans.

You can still wear your peplums even in your trimester. Because peplums are gives so much space on the waistline to accommodate your bump.

Wear belt for the waistline

To create a better proportion and if you want to emphasize your waistline, you can add a belt. The waistline sits higher when you are pregnant. So, it helps to create an illusion of long, slender legs.

Tie knot cardigan

There is also another great way to highlight your waistline. It’s wearing a simple cardigan with a tie knot that sits below the chest.


Accessorizing can elevate your look. It works wonders on plain outfits. You can simply put on a simple necklace or earrings. They can instantly make you look more sophisticated with your baby bump.

Chunky heel to add height

It’s not actually advisable to wear heels during your pregnancy. But sometimes you just want that added height for a more stylish look. So, I recommend wearing chunky heels or block heels. They are easier to balance in. And they give you some style for your feet to go with the rest of the outfit.

Thigh high boots

When you’re carrying during fall and winter, thigh high boots are worth the investments. You would look so stylish. And they keep your legs warm.

Choose a pair that has fleece lining inside if you’re afraid of the cold.

Monotone chic

We don’t always feel to color coordinate our outfits. It’s safe to just dress in all the same shade. Simply wear your top, bottom and shoes in the same color. Or in different shade of the same color. And you will instantly look chic.

White sneakers for warmer days

White sneakers go well when paired with casual outfits. Not only do they make your outfit look sharp. They are also very trendy. 

On lazy days, you can pair your sweater dress with a pair of white sneakers. It’s an effortless look. Quick and easy to put together.

Street Style Outfits for Pregnancy

There are many incredible pregnant street style ensembles in this world. We have listed some for your inspiration. And even if you’re done with your pregnancy, you can still consider wearing these styles. Because they are cool!

Denim Overalls

It can be hard to deal with jeans when your waistline is growing day by day. Oversized dungarees with a bit of stretch is a great and comfortable way to achieve the same denim look.

Shift Dress and Long Coat

There’s another way for a more interesting silhouette look. Aside from belting your shift dresses, you can pair a shorter style with a longer coat. It’s a different way to add structure. But it gets the job done and you will look chic.

Fitted Top Over Loose Dress

You can slip your cute top over a flowy dress for an entirely new look!

Patterned Jumpsuit

If dresses aren’t your thing. You don’t have to settle for wearing them during pregnancy. A cute jumpsuit with prints and patterns is just as comfortable! 

Off-Shoulder Dress

If you are dead-set on wearing flowing dresses all nine months, it’s fine! Change your neckline and go for off-shoulder dresses.

Neutral Romper

Rompers are one-and-done outfit choice. Especially if you have too much going on to think about putting together a look. For a minimalist-chic look, this is something simple and emphasizes your beautiful bump.

For more pregnancy style tips, you can refer to this video:


These cute and stylish pregnancy outfits and tips… are the answer to all your wardrobe prayers. You are creating a human. So, dress like the superwoman you are! Let the inspiration on these list and tips be your guide into the world of chic pregnancy outfits.