There are lots of great ways for mothers and daughters to spend time together.  It is nice to have some ways to spend quality time on a special date.  Some of these idea are good for a quick date – like going out to ice cream – while others involve longer time (like camping).

I have two daughters, and it is so important to spend quality time with each child individually.  These would work for mothers and sons too, but I am just sharing some of the date ideas I have had with my girls.

Having a date means being able to create a special time together.  These are all things that we have done together.

Movie and dinner (at home or out)

Cook together / take a cooking class

Go on a hike or a walk

Landis Arboretum

Have a pool / beach / lake day

Paint kindness rocks and do random acts of kindness

Go out for tea or have a tea party at home, learn how to make your own bubble tea

Adagio Teas

See a play

Visit a museum / zoo / aquarium 

Bake together

White Chocolate Fudge

Spa night / go to a spa / salon

Game night

Enjoy a boho picnic

Go camping or enjoy a campfire together

Mini golf / bowling / rollerskating / ice skating

Go out for ice cream / make sundaes at home

Go fruit / apple / pumpkin / berry picking

Take a craft class or bring craft materials home to make a project

Go bike riding / ice skating / roller skating

Plant a garden / fairy garden together

Fairy Gardening

Go on a road trip

Go to a fancy restaurant

Do a bedroom makeover (help her clean and even paint together with older girls)