When a drainage system is impaired, you must find ways to unclog the waste. In most cases, households and real estate owners use the traditional cleaning method to remove the accumulated debris. Some use tools, equipment, or mixtures to dissolve the clogged material.

If they find it challenging to eliminate, that is the only time that they will call a professional plumber to take care of it. One of the best cleaning procedures that professionals recommend is hydro jet drain cleaning.

What is hydro jetting?

A hydro jet procedure is a non-invasive plumbing solution by using high powered equipment to produce pressure and water blasts in removing the accumulated wastes. It can infiltrate the drainage system thoroughly and clean every passage and wall lining of the pipe. They use a host that can be able to emit around 20 gallons of water per minute.

Regardless of the thickness of the mineral build-up or grease, the hydro jetting can remove the blocked material.

What are the things that you need to do for hydro jetting cleaning?

1. Don’t Settle on A Snake Plumbing Cleaner

Most households use a snake plumber to push and tear the accumulated debris. They can purchase easily at the nearby stores. They can buy this drainage cleaner tool at an affordable price. However, it may cause a recurring problem in the future because it does not eliminate the build-up material. It only provides a temporary solution.

2. Mixture Solutions May Help but Takes a Longer Effect

Do you often watch YouTube or video clips for mixture solutions to clean your sink or toilet? You might encounter several DIY methods that provide a promising result, such as using vinegar, soda, and other bathroom cleaning liquids.

Well, there is nothing wrong with considering these solutions to remove the clogged wastes. However, it may not be 100% applicable in all cases. If you want to use a liquid mixture, you can purchase muriatic acid or cleaning solutions to dissolve the build-up material. Although, this method is not always the right choice since the acid properties may cause rust in your drainage pipes in the long-run.

3. Hire a Professional or Licensed Plumber

Hydro jetting requires knowledge in using the machine. You must also be familiar with the various jetter nozzles to eliminate the accumulated debris properly. If buying a machine is out of your budget, you can hire a professional plumber to do the job.

It may be costly for a one-time service, but it may provide an effect on your drainage system. The hydro jetting procedure cleans up the wall lining of the pipe and wipes away the greasy material. Unlike when you use a snake plumber tool, it may not remove the debris and grease. With this regard, the maintenance may be expensive on your part if it occurs regularly.

4. Check the Water Volume and Source

It is an important step to check your water volume and source first before using the hydro jetting machine.  In this way, you can use it continuously without any interruptions. You must also need to check the water flow from the source across the host.

5. Report the Clogged Pipe Problem Immediately

If you are experiencing a clogged pipe, you need to report it immediately to the plumbers, especially if your household methods are not working anymore. In this way, the mineral build-up will not be difficult to remove. Also, some accumulated debris becomes firm and sturdy for a long time if not eliminated immediately.

6. Choose a Better Jetter Nozzle for DYI solutions

A jetter nozzle is not a one-size that fits in situation. You need to check the size and its function based on your needs. Usually, you can find sizes from 1/2 to 1 nozzle. They have different structure when it comes to the holes and shape of the tool.

Generally, the types of nozzles vary from screwdriver shape, aqua drills, chisel point, torpedo, standard, phantom, grenade, bandit, hollow, and dump structure.

7. Invest in a Sewer Jetting Machine

A household may not need to purchase a hydro jetting machine since a professional plumber is already enough to do the work. However, this is a good investment for real estate owners since their properties need to be maintained regularly. Having a hydro jetting machine can clean and maintain the drainage system for multiple properties. Also, it can help save cleaning and plumbing costs in the long-run.

The Conclusion

A hydro jet cleaning is an efficient maintenance procedure to wipe out the mineral build-up instantly. The combination of the nozzles, techniques, and water pressure can eradicate the accumulated debris effectively without leaving any trace. Even the professional plumbers recommend this cleaning system to achieve cost-efficient and long-term results.