Life insurance affords the policyholder to feel a sense of relief and peace knowing that their family will be taken care of in the event of a death and tragedy. While most traditional forms of insurance require a medical exam, such policies are not the only option. Some seek out life insurance at an advanced age, others after a medical setback, and still more with a preference for avoiding doctor’s appointments for instant approval. In these cases, it can be important to determine which policies are best for you so you can choose no exam whole life insurance and compare their prices.

Generally speaking, you will still want to try to get life insurance despite that you may not want to take a medical exam. But, while no exam life insurance is similar to instant approval, these policies come at slightly higher rates and lower payouts than your traditional insurance policies. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea for anyone who is worried about approval for life insurance because they don’t have to be medically examined and physically screened by a medical professional. It’s simply important to be aware of budgets and costs. 

A no exam policy option is not often a policy that asks no medical questions or concerns itself with no medical history. Instead, these policies ask that you submit information about your conditions, hospitalization, or other health information as part of a questionnaire. These answers will influence how much you ultimately pay for your policy and payout amount in the event of your passing. 

Consider the following rates from and the policy amounts they can afford you if you choose to go with a no exam option as opposed to traditional insurance. From there, you can decide which policy fits your budget and get the right option for your needs. 

Comparing the No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy Rates and Payouts

In what follows, Sproutt compares three policy options and prices for the applicant who wants to get a policy that doesn’t require a medical exam while still giving them the best coverage. If you want to see specific information for your life, background, and health, please complete their short policy survey. 

The “Simple” Option

If you want a quick and painless life insurance policy, it is possible for people like you who would prefer not to complete a medical exam. While you won’t unlock the lower rates that traditional insurance and exams can offer, it is a simple option that is in many cases faster than medically-oriented policies. 

Such a policy may run you as little as around $60 per month for a coverage amount of $250,000. Considering this option requires you to complete no exam, it can be an attractive and of course simple solution to your life insurance needs. 

The “Just Right” Option

A slightly higher payout and policy will cost you a bit more but it could very well be quite worth it if you want to ensure that your family is safe even after you’ve moved on. While you still won’t have to complete a medical exam to unlock the “just right” rate from Sproutt, you will need to answer a few questions to find out which policy will ask for which amount of payment. 

In general, this kind of insurance will cost you around $100 per month, but it affords you at least $500,000 in possible payouts to your family. Complete the short policy survey on to learn more about your specific rate for this kind of coverage. 

The “Extended” Option

Finally, there is a final option for those who are seeking the most possible coverage from their insurer so that they can make sure that their family has absolutely no financial worries after their passing. 

You will still not have to worry about answering medical requirements like an exam as part of the application, but the policy can run you around $150 per month for a $750,000 coverage amount. 

See Your Price for No Medical Exam Life Insurance

You can see that the “Simple,” “Just Right,” and “Extended” policies from Sproutt come at advantageous and competitive rates for the amount of coverage they offer under each rate. Explore your options even more by seeing which amounts you are likely to pay for $250,000, $500,000, or $750,000 in coverage by filling out their short survey.

Then, you can compare the price and payout that is right for you and finally get peace and relief knowing that everything is handled. Ask for a quote from Sproutt.