Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who does not like or has never used a personalized T-shirt in his life. From Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi, or Custom Shirts Miami, no matter the place or the country, the t-shirt is a universal garment. Even our pets have used some kind of T-shirt. These types of garments are great, especially when we want to convey an idea or some aspect of our character or personality.

From the smallest to the biggest in the house, t-shirts are those clothes that should always be in a clothing closet. They are versatile, can be combined with almost anything, and are ideal for use when you have nothing else to wear. It’s a comfortable, simple, and customizable piece of clothing. For all these attributes this kind of clothing is highly valued by millions of people around the world.

History and origin

If we go deep into the origin of the T-shirts, we are going to place ourselves thousands of years ago. According to legend, more than 1500 years before Christ, archaeological evidence was found in ancient Egypt where people in very hot regions used the first signs of what would be the modern T-shirt.

This shirt was made of linen and had no sleeves. Later, it was found that this type of T-shirt suffered some modifications by the Romans when they decided to add sleeves to create a tunic called “manicata”. It can be considered that this kind of t-shirts was the first custom t-shirts of humanity. Later in the Middle Ages, the t-shirts were used to avoid rubbing against the metal Mayans and the armor.

Now, according to the myth, the first uses of T-shirts in the United States were during World War I, when American soldiers compared their clothing with the lightweight shirts worn by Allied soldiers, which were made of cotton. Another theory indicates that the first T-shirts became popular in the United States thanks to movie stars like Marlon Brando or James Dean, who wore navy interior T-shirts, to combine them with the popular outfits of the time.

However, at the beginning of the 20th century, mankind began to enjoy the first custom t-shirts or prints. This was thanks to Coco Chanel, who designed a t-shirt with long sleeves and horizontal blue stripes, just like the one used by the sailors of that time. When this type of t-shirt became a fashion trend, other designers began to follow the example of Coco Chanel.

On the other hand, custom t-shirts became immensely popular because of their power to influence election campaigns. Thomas Dewey was the first politician in the United States to use printed T-shirts to promote his election campaign. Later, Walt Disney, realizing the commercial and advertising potential of printed T-shirts, began designing and selling T-shirts with unique designs of his brand. Now, people are making their own Disney shirt related designs, building on the work of Walt.

Through the counterculture of the following years, the custom t-shirt became a popular and essential piece of clothing for millions of Americans across the country. Whether it is to manifest a current of thought or as an advertising tool, the printed t-shirt became an essential garment for modern societies.

The best occasions to wear a customizable T-shirt

Due to the wide variety of models and unique designs that can be made through the T-shirts, we will show you a list of the best occasions where you can use a printed T-shirt.

  • Weddings: Custom t-shirts can be an excellent alternative for couples to transmit their feelings creatively. Perhaps it is one of the best options to commemorate the commitment and love of two people. 

On the other hand, printed t-shirts can be a good alternative to celebrate bachelor parties or honeymoons. Either funnily or more romantically, printed T-shirts can be combined informal parties, such as a wedding.

  • Office parties: Whether it is for a seminar in another country or a simple party among office colleagues, printed T-shirts are an alternative for socializing at office parties. On the other hand, they are a good option for making custom uniforms with the company’s brand.
  • School trips: regardless of age, custom t-shirts are an alternative for making uniforms for children and teenagers going on a camping or educational trip. On the other hand, they can remain as a good memory of the trip by the children.
  • Charity events: there is no better way to motivate a person to participate in a charity event than through a custom t-shirt. They are also a good tool to reflect the charitable activity.
  • Sports events: sports are the ideal events for making unique and creative uniforms. They are a good alternative to identify players or to celebrate victories after games. They are even a good option for fans to show their support for their favorite teams or athletes. 

For example, in 2013, when the Miami Heat won its last basketball championship, the city became famous for the Custom Shirts Miami that fans had made to celebrate the title won.

A growing market

In recent years, the market for printed T-shirts has been growing significantly. On the other hand, the largest markets for printed T-shirts are in the United States, such as Miami or Los Angeles. Some T-shirt manufacturers and designers in Miami, offer discount campaigns and alliances with important companies in the United States like AT&T or American Airlines to use their Custom Shirts Miami models and designs.

On the other hand, another advantage of printed T-shirts is that they can be made by anyone. You don’t need much knowledge to design your t-shirt, you just need to have an idea, be a little creative and daring to create a t-shirt with a design to your liking. 

Whether you are at the beach wearing a Custom Shirts Miami or at work with a design that says “I hate Mondays”, printed shirts are an alternative to stand out among your friends and family and as mentioned above, they can be used with both formal sets and more informal ones.